CAS Honors Program Contract Application

Updated for Fall 2022

The honors contract system allows a student to take any regular course and to work with a faculty member to take the course requirements and expectations to the honors level.

Before completing this application, please refer to the Honors Contract Guidelines [PDF].

Note: This form should be submitted by you and approved by your professor by the end of the add date of the semester in which you intend to contract (approximately 1 week after the semester begins).

Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*)

Professor Information

An approval email will be sent to the professor whose email you enter below. Make sure you enter your professor's email correctly, or it won't be approved. It MUST be a email address.

Please indicate how you plan to satisfy the three components of contracting. These three components are IN ADDITION to all other coursework required of the students in the class. Be very detailed and specific in describing how you plan to accomplish these three components, as this will provide your professor very clear criteria with which to evaluate you at the end of the semester.

  • Present your work in a formal oral presentation of 10 or more minutes to your class
  • Orally present your work at another Suffolk event (must identify event)

After submitting this form, your professor will review your contract application. This does not mean your contract application has been approved by the honors program yet. If your professor approves, they will forward your application to Dean Lenzie for final approval.

If edits need to be made to your application, your professor should contact you. You are responsible for following up with your professor about the status of your honors contract. At the end of the semester, you must have the professor confirm that you have completed the contract successfully by sending an email to Pauline Alvarez. We will then place honors on your transcript.

Questions about contracts should be directed to:

Sharon Lenzie, Assistant Dean
[email protected]
73 Tremont, 12th floor, Room 1254