Center for Women's Health & Human Rights

The Center for Women's Health and Human Rights (CWHHR) at Suffolk University is the first academic institute in the United States to focus on women's health and human rights in the social sciences, arts and humanities, and public policy.

Founded in 2003, the CWHHR is committed to furthering the dignity and well-being of women and girls everywhere by exploring and extending the linkages between women's health and human rights.

Dedicated to research, teaching, networking, and advocacy; we collaborate with other academic and community organizations working on these goals, bring together the community of scholars and activists already working in these areas, and provide expertise to a range of institutions developing the link between health and human rights.

Maternal Health and Rights Deserve Their Own Day

Read the article "Maternal Health and Rights Deserve Their Own," by Susan Sered.

The First House, A Memoir in Progress

Read the article "Amy Agigian," by Dzenana Karajic.

Upcoming Events

The Women's Writing Circle meets once a month from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. in the Sociology conference room at 73 Tremont Street. For more information about events, check out Women's Writing Circle.


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