Centers & Institutes - CAS

As a world-class university in the heart of downtown Boston, Suffolk University is home to a rich array of scholarly centers and institutes. The work conducted here has a regional, national, and global impact.

Ford Hall Forum

The Ford Hall Forum is the nation's oldest free, public, lecture series. Its mission is to foster an informed and effective citizenry and to promote freedom of speech through public presentation of lectures, debates, and discussions.

Poetry Center

The Suffolk University Poetry Center, located in a dedicated room of the new Mildred Sawyer Library, encourages and supports the study and practice of poetry and related creative writing among our students.

Political Research Center

The Suffolk University Political Research Center, established in 2002, conducts statewide polls and bellwether survey analyses in Massachusetts, other states, and nationally.

Center for Restorative Justice

The Center for Restorative Justice sponsors and participates in a variety of events designed to foster constructive, creative dialogue about current and potential applications of restorative justice.

Rosenberg Institute for East Asian Studies

Established in 2007, the Rosenberg Institute for East Asian Studies serves as the lead platform in the field of Asian Studies at Suffolk. 

Center for Women's Health and Human Rights

The Center for Women's Health and Human Rights (CWHHR) at Suffolk University is the first academic institute in the United States to focus on women's health and human rights in the social sciences, arts and humanities, and public policy.