Poetry Center

The Suffolk University Poetry Center, located in the Mildred Sawyer Library, encourages and supports the study and practice of poetry and related creative writing among our students.

As the permanent home of the Zieman Poetry Collection and through its various activities, including readings, workshops, and discussions, it provides Suffolk and the Boston community with a unique opportunity to explore imaginative literature beyond the classroom.


The Center sponsors readings by internationally renowned writers, providing a forum for their work and engaging them in active dialogue with students, faculty, staff, and guests.

Lectures and Workshops

The Center provides a locus for scholarly and artistic lectures, panel presentations, and workshops. Among these, the student-run, extracurricular writing group “Sub Text” will to meet in the Poetry Center. These workshops and discussions will be open to Suffolk students, faculty and staff, and the public.

Collections and Archival Dimensions

The Poetry Center offers many opportunities for students to examine the current collection, and also provides the university with a foundation for expanding its collection of valuable literary materials, including signed first editions or signed broadsides.

The Poetry Center will also house the video/audio record of every visiting writer.

The History of Literary Book Publication and the Literary Journal

The Poetry Center will also serve as a valuable resource for Suffolk students and faculty to do hands-on research into the history of the book, rare books in general, and the history of literary publication. Students will also have access to the Center’s growing collection of literary journals, and our own nationally recognized literary journal, Salamander.


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