Design Students

Suffolk University welcomes applicants of all backgrounds to apply to our Master of Arts in Graphic Design and Master of Arts in Interior Architecture programs, including those with undergraduate degrees in disciplines other than art.

Applicants’ academic and professional experience, as demonstrated in the application portfolio, will determine program length. Those without previous visual arts training should expect to complete preparatory coursework.

Portfolio Requirements

All portfolios are reviewed by the graduate faculty to determine subject matter competency. Students should submit high-resolution PDFs of recent, original artwork demonstrating both technical competency and creative ability. Students should demonstrate the skills represented by the leveling coursework. 

Original artwork should be submitted electronically, not mailed. The University is not responsible for loss or damage to portfolio materials, nor will material sent to the University be returned, and may be destroyed.

If You Don't Have a Portfolio

  • Academically qualified applicants without a substantial background in the visual arts may be required to complete Foundation-level courses (Foundation Drawing I, 2D/Color) as Continuing Education students before applying to the Master of Arts in Graphic Design or Master of Arts in Interior Architecture programs.
  • If an applicant is subsequently accepted to the program, credits earned as a Continuing Education student may be used to waive preparatory requirements. Graduate faculty members review all portfolio materials to determine subject matter competency. All other admission requirements, including an interview with the graduate program director, apply.
  • Portfolio Development Workshop for Graduate Design Studies is a 10-week intensive program designed to prepare those without a visual arts background for entering the MA in Interior Architecture program. The Portfolio Development Workshop is offered through the Continuing Education Division.
  • For more information about pursuing Continuing Education studies prior to applying for the Master of Arts in Graphic Design or Master of Arts in Interior Architecture programs, please contact the Continuing Education Division at 617-994-4233.