All IS majors must complete 150 hours of approved professional computer information systems experience before graduation. You have two options for meeting this requirement: ISOM-520 Internship in Information Systems and ISOM-560 Experiential Component. To complete either option, you must first fill out the Practicum Approval Form.

ISOM-560 (noncredit course)

Most students complete ISOM 560: Experiential Component to satisfy the practicum requirement. You must work at least 150 hours in a position related to IS or IT before graduation. You should enroll in ISOM-560 in the term when the 150 hours will be completed. This is a non-credit, pass/fail course and no tuition is charged.

When choosing a position for ISOM-560, look for one that provides experience working on software issues, programming, web design, or database design. This position may be paid or voluntary. More than one job can be used to achieve the 150 hours. Voluntary positions at Suffolk University are available. Examples of acceptable positions include:

  • Help Desk position
  • Network administrator
  • Database management (programming, publishing, developing software using database software, incorporation with the web, NOT data entry)
  • Website management and development
  • Working with hardware
  • Information Technology Department positions
  • Information Systems Department positions
  • Quality assurance software engineers

It is your responsibility to verify with your ISOM faculty advisor whether a specific job can be used to satisfy the requirements of ISOM-560. The 150 hours of professional information systems or information technology experience can be completed through a non-credit practicum, internship, part- or full-time employment, or through a cooperative education position through Suffolk’s Office of Career Services and Cooperative Education.

Upon completion, or before the end of the semester, obtain a letter from your employer that states the following:

  • A description of the position, including tasks, primary accomplishment, and other pertinent information.
  • A statement that you have worked more than 150 hours or the number of hours you have worked in an information technology or information systems-related position.
  • Evaluation of your performance.
  • Your supervisor’s email and telephone number for verification purposes.

The letter must be written on company letterhead and can be faxed to (617) 994-4228, emailed to, or mailed to:

ISOM Department
ATTN: Practical Experience Coordinator
Sawyer Business School
8 Ashburton Place
Boston, MA, 02108

ISOM-520 (credit class)

If you’re a junior or senior IS major, you may satisfy the practicum requirement by enrolling in ISOM 520:¬†Internship in Information Systems (1-6 credits).¬†This course provides work experience that helps you bridge the gap between education and practice. You receive a letter grade for this course and may need to pay tuition.