Suffolk Consulting Clinic

Is your organization looking to develop sustainable innovation and growth strategies? To implement transformational marketing and sales programs? To leverage operations in order to build new capabilities? Then the Suffolk Consulting Clinic is for you.

Since 2021, the Suffolk Consulting Clinic has been providing consulting services to a wide range of clients from diverse industry sectors including:

  • Residential services
  • Sports management
  • Medical tech
  • And more

Staffed by Suffolk’s top MBA and Honors students and directed by experienced business executives, the Suffolk Consulting Clinic has built a track record of delivering results for a range of sophisticated client challenges.

Students sitting around a table 

The Suffolk Consulting Clinic operates like a consulting firm. Students are on-boarded to by learning the models, methods, and processes followed by the top consulting firms. The Clinic then leverages this knowledge, the research resources of Suffolk University, and a dedicated cadre of supporting executives to deliver top-notch work to clients.

Our Client Work

The Clinic has served a number of clients and provided a variety of work that includes:

  • Feasibility research and operating plan for a geospatial technology company seeking to help deliver medical services to under-served rural areas in the U.S.
  • An operational plan for minority-owned commercial cleaning business that won its first major client—a major Boston area sports arena
  • A series B medical device company that asked us to research and recommend top prospects for their device and potential partner organizations after recently gaining FDA approval
  • A non-profit sports and active lifestyle start-up accelerator successfully operating on the west coast seeking to launch in the Boston area
  • An investor group led by the ex-CEO of a major online game company seeking to identify general and celebrity sponsors for a new online game platform

NOTE: The Clinic and University respect the confidentiality of the work we conduct.

Our Students

The Clinic is staffed with Suffolk’s top MBA and Honors students. They are required to interview for the Clinic and a select group is chosen from that pool. Students that join the Clinic are committed to the program and to doing excellent work for our clients. In return, the University provides them with the most immersive, real-world experience available.

How We Work

The Clinic meets with prospective clients before we agree to an engagement. We require a brief from the client that describes the project and expected results. We want to ensure the client and project are a fit with the talent and resources we can provide. Our goal is to provide meaningful and outstanding results for our clients and an excellent experience for our students.

Projects are typically completed over a 16-week semester. After a discovery meeting, the client is provided with a statement of work describing the scope of work, timing, and deliverables agreed upon. During the semester, clients are expected to work with the consulting team to provide feedback and direction as the work progresses. The major milestones of the work are a mid-project presentation of research results and a final presentation of the project deliverables and supporting documentation and research. A client's unique needs and preferences usually shape how we work together.


We’ve estimated that for projects completed by the Clinic—including staff hours and valued delivered—clients would typically spend more than $50,000. In return for our work, we ask our clients to provide a reasonable retainer for services performed. The retainer is within the client’s means and allows us to continue to provide this service. We are happy to discuss specifics once we meet and understand more about you and the project.

Let’s Work Together

Have a project you’d like to discuss? We’d be delighted to talk with you and determine how we can work together. Please complete our Suffolk Consulting Clinic Request Form with a brief description of the project you have in mind.