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The Suffolk University Gallery is the Art & Design Department’s main exhibition space. Located on the sixth floor of the Sawyer Building, the gallery presents exciting exhibits and related programs that reflect our increasingly visual and image-driven world. The gallery aims to engage the whole Suffolk community while adding to larger conversations taking place in Greater Boston's cultural arena. Exhibits of student work from all departments, as well as themed curated exhibitions, provide an important link between and for students, faculty, and visitors.

Current Exhibit 

Image credit: Samantha Fields, Venus of Ramsdale
Image credit: Samantha Fields, Venus of Ramsdale

Artists and Materials 2
January 23 - February 24, 2023

Thursday February 2, 2023
Gallery Talk with the artists at 4:30pm

How do materials serve and express ideas? How are ideas translated into form?

We respond to materials. We respond to objects. We respond in particular to certain kinds of objects and the materials they are made of. How do makers of all kinds breathe life into these materials? How do they imbue those materials with ideas?

The ‘stuff’ that artists use when they make a work of art influences both form and content. Every material brings something particular to the creative process and the finished work. Materials influence how artists make their work and how viewers perceive it.

The artists in these two exhibits use materials in both expected and subversive ways.

Sometimes the materials evoke a dissonance which is revealed in how the form serves the content. Additional questions arise: What are material materials? Wood, textile, paper, paint, stone, plastic, metal. What are immaterial materials? How do we make meaning through them?

The inquiry continues with this second group of artists:

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