Educational Events

The Center for Restorative Justice sponsors and participates in a variety of events designed to foster constructive, creative dialogue about current and potential applications of restorative justice.

Past Events

Restorative Justice in Schools

Current research across the United States and abroad supports the effectiveness of restorative justice processes in schools. Restorative practices are successfully used for classroom management; collaborative pedagogy; student support; emotional awareness and literacy; building a positive school climate; alternate discipline; and strengthening positive connections with parents and community. This one day training workshop was designed for teachers, guidance counselors, administrators, students and school support personnel to learn about restorative justice as well as how to implement restorative practices in the classroom and greater school culture.

Brown Bag Series

The goal of the brown bag series is to connect community practitioners and academics, as well as legal, social service, theological, and correctional professionals, for discussions of current topics in restorative justice. The philosophies and tactics of restorative justice are being applied in a wide variety of contexts, and this series of informal conversations explores some of the newest and farthest reaching applications.

Panels and Forums

  • Building Justice: A Community Panel with Author Kay Pranis
  • Building Community Engagement to Reduce Attrition and Drop Out in Schools: A Restorative Journey
  • Making a Place at the Table: Facilitating Re-entry of Sex Offenders through Circles of Support and Accountability
  • Transforming Discipline: Building Community Through Restorative Practices
  • RJ Programs involving Youth
  • Forum on Forgiveness and Reconciliation in Practice
  • Reconciliation and Forgiveness at Work: An Introduction to ESPERE
  • Forgiveness & Reconciliation in Practice: A Forum for Practitioners
  • Role of Forgiveness in Social Healing
  • Introductory Workshop on Restorative Justice
  • Victim-Offender Dialogue in Crimes of Severe Violence
  • Healing from Substance Abuse in the Minority Community
  • Restorative Justice and Violence Against Women
  • Healing from the Inside: Men’s Prison Circles and Restorative Justice
  • Using Circles in the Classroom
  • Circling the System: Peacemaking circles in DSS and DYS
  • A Conversation about Dialogue between Bystanders, Victims and Perpetrators
  • Transforming Institutions: Implementing Circles with Staff and Residents in a Juvenile Facility
  • Creating Cultures of Peace
  • Community Accountability Boards
  • Prisoner Healing and Reentry: Using Circles in Prison
  • Implementing National Judicial Policy Reform: Educating Judges
  • Talking Circle on Justice and Healing
  • Ecofeminism and Ecojustice
  • Islamic Perspectives on Justice and Conflict Resolution
  • Victims and Restorative Justice
  • Violence Against Women
  • Restorative Lawyering
  • Restorative Theologies and Spiritualities
  • Restorative Justice and Mediation
  • Healing and Forgiveness Racism and Social Justice