Deciding to come to Suffolk Madrid as a freshman was one of the best decisions I have ever made. It's been such a unique opportunity being able to spend my freshman year abroad. It seemed like a scary idea at first, going the extra step and starting my college career on a different side of the world, but the staff, teachers and other students made my first year at Suffolk Madrid one of the best years of my life. I’ve been able to visit so many different places, and explore so many new cultures that I never would have been able to see if I’d stayed in America. I’ve learned so much both in the classroom as well as outside, thanks to the phenomenal teachers and staff. I can’t imagine spending my freshman year any differently, and I already can’t wait to come back again next year! Gretchen, Major: International Affairs

Suffolk University has inspired me to push myself to my limits academically. My professors have provoked a thirst for knowledge in me and have exponentially expanded my way of thinking . My classes are both challenging and interesting and make me want to go beyond the basic requirements. The workload is heavy in some classes, but it’s nothing impossible, and our teachers always give us a fair amount of time to finish our work. My favorite class so far is philosophy; it has taught me to think independently and form my own opinions. The teachers here form a close relationship with the students and make the learning process so much easier. They are always available during office hours, which becomes really helpful when I need more clarification. The teachers take a sincere interest in inspiring their students and definitely deserve an A+ when it comes to making the learning experience more enjoyable. Diego, Major: CAS Open

I've been in Madrid for a year now, and there’s never been a dull moment in this beautiful, fun city. The food is great, and there are restaurants everywhere; most of them have “menú del día” which is a full meal with an appetizer, main course, dessert and a drink - all for around 10 euros. Of course, there is always Starbucks, but there are cafés on every corner that sell cheaper and better coffee. A café is also great place to hang out with some friends or get some studying done, but my favorite place in Madrid is the Retiro Park (if I could live there, I would). The Retiro is a huge, beautiful park in the middle of the city where you can go to relax or study and where I spend most of my time. To take a break from studying and have some fun, Madrid is famous for its great night life, too. I love my experience in Madrid and can't wait to spend another year here and enjoy all that it has to offer. Nicole, Major: Public Relations

There were not many days that I sat and relaxed in my room because if I did, I would think about what I was missing outside. There is so much to see in Madrid, from the Royal Palace and world-renowned art museums, to the many beautiful parks. If you are unable to find something to do on your own (which is nearly impossible), Suffolk also offers great activities, such as hiking in the mountains near Madrid, biking through the famous Retiro Park, movie nights (movies in both English and Spanish), or one of my favorites - tapas tours through the city. It would be easy to stay entertained in Madrid for an entire semester, but Suffolk Madrid also has trips to places all around the country and beyond. Last year alone I went on six trips with Suffolk to Salamanca, Valencia, Granada, Sevilla, Andorra, and Pamplona—and those were some of my best trips. Also, Madrid is centrally located in the country, making traveling around the Iberian peninsula quite easy. I cannot wait to return this fall and continue what has been an incredible experience. Robbie, Major: International Relations

After studying Spanish for six years in school, what better way to improve my Spanish than to live the language day and night? When I was going through the process of applying to schools, I couldn't believe it when I learned about the unique opportunity Suffolk University offers freshmen, and I knew I would regret not taking the chance to study in Madrid. The best way to challenge myself would be to make the decision to study at Suffolk Madrid. I've always had a desire to live in Spain and I feel proud and privileged to call Madrid home. I chose Suffolk University Madrid Campus not just for the school and everything it offers, but for the city of Madrid, as well. Sophia, Major: Government

When coming to study abroad, I think it’s a good decision to live with a host family. Having a host family positively adds to the study abroad experience, and it’s a great way to immerse yourself into Spanish culture. My experience with my host family has been the greatest part of my whole experience in Madrid. I’ve built a special relationship with my host mother; she even refers to me as her “adopted son”. She corrects my Spanish, cooks delicious meals, and teaches me about Spanish culture. It’s also comforting to have the security of a family taking care of you when you’re so far away from home. A host family creates a special connection to living in Madrid and has given me another great reason to return. Cruz, Major: Political Science