Spain’s capital buzzes with a distinct energy that mixes Old World charm and a cosmopolitan vibe. The Suffolk University Madrid Campus (SUMC) is an ideal place to study abroad for a semester, a year, or longer. Beyond the vibrant culture of Madrid itself, there are so many things to do in Spain and farther afield in the EU. Travel, city life and unparalleled academics make Suffolk Madrid the perfect setting for an international education.

Take a look for yourself and get a feel for Madrid with this video.

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Atop the 2,000-foot-high Castilian plateau of central Spain, weather around Suffolk Madrid can be hot in summer and cold in winter. Yet its skies are a deep, clear blue that's always inviting. Madrid enjoys a pleasant climate during the spring and autumn months.


The city’s temperate daytime weather gives way to its night-owl rhythm—with tapas bars, live music venues, and town squares bustling well past midnight. As the largest city in the country—and one of the largest in the EU—Madrid is home to countless boutiques, restaurants, parks, monuments, museums, and so much more. The ease of travel throughout Europe is yet another benefit of choosing to study at Suffolk University Madrid.