Student Support Resources

All students have access to the same kind of support services. In Madrid, some are offered in person locally and some are online. We understand that studying abroad or starting your degree away from home while trying to balance student life with academics can be challenging. We are here to support you and set you up for a successful experience.

Academic Support

To make sure you stay on track with your academic work, we provide many different resources and services that you can benefit from.

  • Writing center
    Good academic writing requires practice and good feedback. All Madrid students are encouraged to use the Writing Center no matter which classes they are enrolled in! Professor Tracy Wood will help you with your written assignments—whether they are long essays, critical analysis, or short compositions. From drafts, to grammar, or citing sources, her guidance will help you achieve your best results and much more reliable than Grammarly or ChatGPT!
  • Academic assistance and Follow Up
    Sarah Mackin will help you with time management, efficient study skills, accountability checks, referrals, and anything that will help you focus on your classes
  • Academic Accommodations
    If you are registered with the Office of Disability Services and you would like to request accommodations for your Madrid classes, talk to your professors and to Sarah Mackin
  • Spanish Tutoring
    Every Tuesday from 2:15 - 3:45 p.m.
    Find the help you need to succeed in your Spanish classes and Spanish immersive experience. You’ll find extra support with your grammar, vocabulary, writing, and conversation… ¡Te ayudamos!
  • Faculty Office Hours
    All our professors offer weekly office hours for any kind of consultation, take advantage of them!
  • Tutoring for Other Classes
    Access Navigate to make your online tutoring appointment—over 60% of Madrid classes have peer tutors in Boston
  • Academic Coaching
    Sign up to work with an academic coach virtually—coaches help build academic skills and provide individualized support to promote long-term achievement in school. Make an appointment via email
  • Class Choices, Registration, and General Class Concerns
    If you can’t make up your mind about your classes for next semester, want to plan ahead, are concerned about your performance in a class, or you have a question about grading the system, Nuria González will sit down with you and patiently walk you through your options
  • Experiential Learning, Lab Trips, or Internships
    Any questions or concerns regarding science labs, class related day trips, or internship placements should be addressed to Silvia Salazar. We want to make sure you take advantage of every learning opportunity at Suffolk Madrid

Health & Counseling Services

Your student travel insurance covers medical assistance as well as counseling services. We work with trustworthy local providers who are used to treating international patients and therefore, they are aware of the challenges that living and studying abroad bring. Your CISI card will give you access to their services, which are confidential. Although you can choose any medical provider, we have worked with and recommend nearby ER, medical specialists, and non-emergency mental health providers including:

  • Health
    • VITHAS La Milagrosa
      on C/ Modesto Lafuente 14
      Phone Number +34 649 228 766
    • HM Hospitales
      on Plaza del Conde de Valle de Suchil, 16
      Phone Number +34 629 823 493
  • Counseling
    • Counselling Madrid
      online or in person at C/ Velázquez, 15 (metro L4, 2, 9)
      Phone No. +34 648 087 809
    • Sinews
      online or in person at C/ Sagasta, 16
      Phone No. 917001979

Student Assistance Facilitation and Evaluation (SAFE) Team

The Madrid Campus is a close-knit community whose members take care of each other. Our mission is to promote students’ health, well-being, psychosocial and successful experiences by coordinating information and developing support plans for students of concern. Areas of concern include academic, psychosocial, and/or behavioral problems that may interfere with the student's success or safety at the Suffolk Madrid Campus. The SAFE team has proactively worked in the past with students who have struggled socially, academically, with mental health issues, or problems with alcohol. 

When a professor, staff member, or a classmate notices unusual behavior or a warning sign in a student, they report it to the SAFE team—either in person or through a wellbeing report. As soon as a SAFE team member has gathered all the information they then reach out to the student of concern to have a sit-down or walking meeting to touch base, explain the concerns, and discuss the situation with the student. Together, they find the possible causes for the worrying behavior and they agree on an action plan to alleviate the situation. The SAFE team will then follow up with the student to make sure they are making good progress. The plan may involve referring the student to additional resources, such as academic coaching, a doctor’s office, counseling, or other resources.

Would you like to express your concern about a student? Fill out a wellbeing report form.

SAFE Team Members

Silvia Salazar
Chair, Program Development Coordinator

Mohit Naregalkar
Student Life coordinator

Sarah Mackin
Academic Welfare Assistant

Daniel Commerford
General Services Assistant