Madrid Life

Life in Madrid, Spain is unlike any other experience for students, especially thanks to Suffolk's great programs and support staff. Learn about your options and explore what your study abroad experience could be like!

You can expect a warm Suffolk Madrid welcome from the moment you arrive. Life has a different rhythm here and so much for you to discover. Before you know it, you'll feel at home on our campus and in our splendid city.

Explore a Whole New World 

During Orientation, you'll get familiar with the neighborhood surrounding our campus, along with the grand palaces and bustling squares of Madrid's historic district. Of course, you'll want to settle into your new housing, get used to using a telefonillo, and try the local cuisine, but you'll also learn your way around on the city's subway system (don't worry, most students master it after just a few rides).

As you adjust to life in Madrid, you'll see that Suffolk Madrid's campus life has just as many opportunities. Spend your weekends hiking in the mountains just outside the city, horseback riding through quaint villages, bowling, ice skating, and so much more. Our Student Life department organizes events every week designed to immerse you in Spanish culture while bonding with your fellow students.

We get that you’ll want to make the most of your time in Europe to travel. That’s why your program fee includes two trips per semester: the Welcome Trip when you arrive, and a weekend excursion to your choice of one of several destinations.