About Spain

An increasingly modern and economically vibrant EU nation of 40 million people, people, Spain has a diverse culture and geography that make it an ideal place to study abroad. The Suffolk University Madrid Campus is located in the country’s capital and economic center.


While most classes are taught in English at Suffolk's Madrid campus, Spanish is predominantly spoken throughout the country, along with the distinct languages and dialects of Galicia in the north, the Basque country, and Cataluña.


Like other Mediterranean cultures, Spaniards favor pubs and restaurants, theaters and cafeterias, cafes and city squares as part of their custom of “living in public.” This gives students at Suffolk Madrid the opportunity to interact with local people and increase their understanding of the culture.


The breathtaking terrain is yet another reason why Spain is an ideal country to travel abroad. Among the many things to do in Spain are exploring the extensive coastline of the world-famous Mediterranean beaches of Alicante, Valencia, and Málaga; and discovering the rugged cliffs and rocky beaches of Galicia, Asturias, and the Basque Country on the Atlantic side.

View of Toledo during a sunny day with beautiful waters and greenery.
View of Toledo

Legendary skiing and hiking are on offer along the Pyrenees mountains at the French border, as well as the Bética mountain range in Granada. The northern peaks of the Picos de Europa are the perfect vantage point for the greenery and lakes of Asturias. Suffolk University Madrid Campus is the perfect starting point for day or weekend trips.