Suffolk has all of the resources you need, even in Madrid! Here you can explore a new culture, way of life and meet new people. Before your adventure begins, here are all of the resources you might need to have the best time while you are there.

Welcome to Madrid! ¬°Bienvenido a Madrid!

¬°Hola amigos!

You have arrived! Whether it's your first time out of the country or you are a vivid traveler, Madrid Campus has all the resources and can answer any further questions you might have about Madrid or your overall experience abroad. 

First thing first, remember now that you're in Spain, you are a subject to its rules and regulations. Your American citizenship does not grant you any privileges, nor will it help you should you disobey local regulations.

Streets in the City of Madrid Spain
Let us work with you to plan your first semester abroad schedule, help you set up advising appointments, or point you in the right direction to find resources you may need.

Your Ultimate Madrid Guide

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The Fun Things in Life

How to enjoy your out of classroom time.

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"Your time and experience abroad completely depends on you and what you make out of it. Madrid Campus has all the resources you might need but making wise decisions regarding your everyday life and habits is on you.

"Be smart, be safe, and be responsible and you are bound to have one of the best experiences in your life."

Roman Rybak Computer Science '19
"When going to Spain and across Europe, I recommend that you get out of your comfort zone, talk to as many people you can and make new friends. These memories you are going to have will be amazing and even better if you can share them with others. You also need to be smart and stay safe. Being in another country is super fun, but you got to always respect the rules or you could get into trouble."
Joseph Facada Finance '20