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Area of Study Program Degree
Accounting Minor BSBA
Accounting Major BSBA
Actuarial Mathematics Major, Minor BS
Actuarial Science Concentration BA, BS
Advertising Major, Minor BA, BS
American Politics Concentration
American Studies Minor
Applied Ethics Concentration
Applied Politics Accelerated Degree Degree BA/MA or BS/MA
Art & Design Continuing Ed
Art History Major, Minor BA
Arts Administration Minor
Arts Administration Minor
Asian Studies Major, Minor BA, BS
Astrophysics Concentration
Bachelor’s/Law BSBA/JD
Big Data & Business Analytics Major BSBA
Big Data and Business Analytics Concentration BSBA
Biochemistry Major BA, BS
Biology Major, Minor BA, BS
Biotechnology Concentration
Black Studies Minor
Broadcast Journalism Concentration
Business Analysis Concentration BSBA
Business Economics Major, Minor BSBA
Business Law Minor BSBA
Business Minor Minor (for CAS students) BS, BA, BFA
CAS Self-Designed Major Major BA, BS
Chemistry Major, Minor BA, BS
Classics Minor
Communication: Accelerated Degree Accelerated Bachelor's/ Master's BA or BS/MA
Computer Science Major, Minor BA, BS
Corporate Entrepreneurship Minor BSBA
Corporate Entrepreneurship Concentration BSBA
Corporate Finance Concentration BSBA
Corporate Finance Minor BSBA
Creative Writing Minor, Concentration
Crime & Justice Minor, Concentration
Crime & Justice Studies Accelerated Degree BA or BS/MS
Digital Marketing Concentration BSBA
Digital Marketing Minor BSBA
Economics Major, Minor BA, BS
Education Studies Minor
English Major, Minor BA
Entrepreneurship Concentration BSBA
Entrepreneurship Minor BSBA
Entrepreneurship Major BSBA
Environmental Policy Concentration BA, BS
Environmental Science Major, Minor BS
Environmental Studies Major, Minor BA, BS
Family Entrepreneurship Concentration BSBA
Family Entrepreneurship Minor BSBA
Finance Minor BSBA
Finance Major BSBA
Financial Institutions Minor BSBA
Financial Institutions Concentration BSBA
Financial Planning Certificate
Financial Planning Concentration BSBA
Financial Services & Banking Graduate Certificate GCA
Fine Arts Major, Minor BFA
Forensic Science Minor
Foundation Studies (Art) Minor
General Sociology Minor, Concentration
Global & Cultural Communication Major, Minor BA/BS
Global Business Major BSBA
Global Marketing Minor BSBA
Global Marketing Concentration BSBA
Global Public Policy Accelerated Degree Degree BA/MA or BS/MA
Government Major, Minor BA, BS
Government: Accelerated Degree Accelerated Bachelor's/ Master's BA or BS/MS
Graphic Design Major, Minor, Certificate BFA, Certificate
Health & Society Minor, Concentration
Health Careers Concentration BS
History Major, Minor BA, BS
History and Literature (Honors) Major BA, BS
Information Systems Minor BSBA
Information Systems Major BSBA
Interior Design Major BFA
International Business Minor BSBA
International Relations Concentration
Investments Concentration BSBA
Investments Minor BSBA
Journalism BA, BS Major, Minor
Launching the New Venture Minor BSBA
Launching the New Venture Concentration BSBA
Law Major, Minor BA, BS
Law & Public Policy Concentration BA
Law, Bachelor's Dual Degree Bachelor's/JD
Leadership Concentration BSBA
Leadership Minor BSBA
Literature Concentration BA
Management Major BSBA
Management Minor BSBA
Marine Science Concentration
Marketing Major BSBA
Marketing Minor BSBA
Mathematics Major BS
Media & Film Major, Minor BA, BS
Mental Health Counseling: Accelerated Degree Accelerated Bachelors'/Master's BA or BS/MA
Paralegal Studies Degree, Certificate AS, Certificate
Philosophy Major, Minor BA, BS
Physics Major, Minor BS
Planetary Science Concentration
Political Theory Concentration
Politics, Philosophy, & Economics Major BA, BS
Print/Web Journalism Concentration
Product Innovation & Brand Marketing Concentration BSBA
Product Innovation & Brand Marketing Minor BSBA
Production Concentration
Professional Selling Concentration BSBA
Professional Selling Minor BSBA
Psychology Major, Minor BA, BS
Public History Concentration BA
Public Relations Major, Minor BA, BS
Public Service Minor BSBA
Pure Mathematics Minor, Concentration
Radiation Science Major, Minor BS
Radiation Therapy Certificate Certificate
Radiation Therapy Major BS
Real Estate Minor BSBA
Regional & Global Histories Concentration BA
Religious Studies Minor
Social Entrepreneurship Minor BSBA
Social Entrepreneurship Concentration BSBA
Social Impact Minor BSBA
Sociology Major, Minor BA, BS
Spanish Major, Minor BA
Sports Marketing Minor BSBA
Sports Marketing Concentration BSBA
Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages TESOL Certificate Certificate
Theatre Major, Minor BA, BS
United States History Concentration BA
Urban Environmentalism Concentration BA, BS
Wealth Management Major BSBA
Women's & Gender Studies Minor
Youth & Community Engagement Concentration