Social Media Minor

The social media minor provides students with skills in the production of social media content and conceptual knowledge about the impact of social media on culture.

A minor in social media includes examining social media sites from a content development, cultural, and critical perspective. Students are taught to use social media for community formation, social presence, identity building, branding, and social activism. Students explore social media theory, research, and practice in the context of advertising, branding, marketing communication, and public relations campaigns.

As a complement to their undergraduate major, Suffolk students who take a minor in social media will have basic knowledge in the following areas:

  • Identifying current social media concepts and their potential to engage target audiences
  • Understanding the impact of social media on the political, economic, social, and technological climate
  • Creating effective social media marketing initiatives for the purposes of advertising, branding, corporate internal communication, and public relations
  • Understanding the structure and uses of each social media platform and its benefits
  • Examining the laws and regulations pertaining to users of social media, including individuals, companies, and organizations


Courses & Requirements

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