Student Artwork Policy

Statement of Use

Suffolk University reserves the right to retain artwork produced by students for exhibition and reproduction as part of their program of study while enrolled at the university, and has a non-exclusive, royalty-free, worldwide license to photograph, tape, reproduce, or otherwise use or display student work for marketing, promotional, archival, reference, research, classroom, educational, and other purposes. Students will be credited for the use of such reproductions at the discretion of the university. Reproductions of student artwork may be edited at the university’s discretion, but in doing so, the university will make a good faith effort to act respectfully and responsibly so as not to unduly compromise the integrity of the original artwork.

Abandoned Student Artwork

Student artwork left on Suffolk University’s premises must be picked up within one week of the end of each academic semester because of limited space on campus. Any property remaining after that date shall be considered abandoned and it will become the property of Suffolk University, unless a formal arrangement has been made with a faculty member or administrator to retain the work beyond this deadline. The university will not be responsible for the location and/or condition of abandoned student artwork.