Faculty & Staff - Art & Design

The Art & Design faculty and staff are here to help the Suffolk University community as a whole—students should contact their professors and administrators to address all questions and concerns.

The department is located on the 10th floor of the Sawyer building. The office is open Mondays - Fridays 8:45 a.m. - 4:45 p.m.

Contact us at the following number: 617-573-8785

Full-Time Faculty

Fine Arts & Foundation Studies

Audrey Goldstein, Professor & Department Chair

Ilona Anderson, Associate Professor

Linda Brown, Professor

Lydia Martin, Professor

Susan Nichter, Professor

Steve Novick, Professor

Randal Thurston, Professor, Program Director-Foundation Studies & Fine Arts


Interior Architecture & Design

Mark Brus, Associate Professor

Sandro Carella, Assistant Professor

Karen Clarke, Associate Professor

Elizabeth Ghiseline, Instructor

Anna Gitelman, Associate Professor

Nancy Hackett, Associate Professor

Sean Solley, Associate Professor, Program Director-Interior Design and Interior Architecture

Graphic Design

Rita Daly, Associate Professor, Program Director-Graduate Graphic Design

Jennifer Fuchel, Associate Professor

Laura Golly, Professor, Program Director-Undergraduate Graphic Design

Keith Kitz, Assistant Professor

Part-Time Faculty

Part-time faculty may be reached at the main department phone number unless otherwise noted (617-973-5307).
The part-time faculty office is located in the Sawyer Building at 8 Ashburton Place, Room A26.

Fine Arts & Foundation Studies

Meagan Hepp, Lecturer

Dale Stephanos, Lecturer

Interior Architecture & Design

Adam Cournoyer, Lecturer

Alexander (Joseph) Killoh, Lecturer

Patricia Zerhusen, Lecturer

Graphic Design

Peter Bianco, Senior Lecturer

Minko Dimov, Senior Lecturer

Kristen Mallia, Lecturer

Mari-Megan M. Moore, Lecturer

Tara Pastina, Lecturer

Kayla Schwartz, Senior Lecturer


Department Staff

Deborah Davidson Gallery Director 617-994-4283
Office: Sawyer Building, Room 626A

James Helenski
Fabrication Lab Manager
Office: Sawyer Building, Room B31C

Virginia Lane
Director of Continuing Education & Preparatory Programs
Office: Sawyer Building, Room 1025


Administrative Services Team

The administrative services team supports the following departments:

  • Art & Design
  • Communication, Journalism, & Media
  • Theatre

For general inquiries, please email us.

Anita Sen
Administrative Services Manager
Sawyer Building, 10th Floor

Michael Hadley
Administrative Services Coordinator
Sawyer Building, 12th Floor

Chloe Tolman
Administrative Services Coordinator
Sawyer Building, 10th Floor

Amy Yeager
Administrative Services Coordinator
Samia Academic Center, 4th Floor