Meet our Alumni

While studying in the Department of Biochemistry, Chemistry, Environment & Physics (BiCEP) at Suffolk University, you'll have numerous opportunities to learn more about the field both on and around our downtown campus. See what some of our alumni say makes this program special.

Meet Our Alumni

Jenna Collins

At Suffolk

BS Biochemistry/ Forensic Science, Class of 2018
Internship: Boston Crime Lab

Since Suffolk

QA Principal Operations Specialist at Lonza Biologics in Portsmouth, NH

How did your experiences as both a biochemistry and forensic science major at Suffolk prepare you for your post-graduate program?

Having an off-campus experience enhanced my experience and education because it showed me what it was like to work in a lab outside of Suffolk. It also showed me what a day-to-day would be like in a lab that was not researched-based. Working with the BPD Crime Lab showed me what working in a forensics setting would truly be like. This also helped me find the topic for my thesis and discover where my true interests lie in the field of forensics.

What was it like during your internship?

The difference between interning with the BPD and interning somewhere else is that you couldn't get too hands-on due to the fact that cases were being processed in the court system. I did a lot of observations of evidence examination, preparing reagents, such as AP Spot, Amylase plates, phenolpthalein dilutions, QCing materials, organizing and storing evidence, evidence mounting for court, and reading over case files in my downtime.

What was your favorite part of your internship?

My favorite part of this internship was that I was able to experience forensic science in a real-life setting and attend a trial with the team. Everyone at the lab was always willing to let me tag along to let me see what they were doing.

Haley Dame

At Suffolk

BS Biochemistry, Class of 2019

Since Suffolk

Protein Engineer at Repertoire Immune Medicine in Cambridge, MA

How did your experiences as a biochemistry major at Suffolk prepare you for your career?

Being a biochemistry major at Suffolk allowed me to have great opportunities while in school, such as an off-campus internship, working in an academic lab, and honing my laboratory skills in class, but has also allowed me to successfully transition into a position in the biotech field. Throughout college, my goal was to work in industry once I graduated. My education at Suffolk and the opportunities I had because of Suffolk allowed me to work in industry right out of college.

What does a typical day at your job look like?

My typical day is a balance of working in the lab performing experiments and analyzing data, planning future experiments, and collaborating with my colleagues.

What is your favorite part of your job?

My favorite part of my job is definitely the people I work with, who are kind, funny, and extremely intelligent.

Kevin Fabrizio

At Suffolk

BS Chemistry, Class of 2018

Since Suffolk

Inorganic Chemistry PhD student at University of Oregon

How did your experiences as a chemistry major at Suffolk prepare you for your post-graduate program?

Suffolk gave me the hands-on skills and drive to pursue a busy graduate education lifestyle. In order to succeed at a tier 1 research institution, you have to have excellent time-management skills. While I was at Suffolk, my mentors never held back from pushing me to use my full potential; I juggled a research project, a part-time job, classes, and extracurriculars. Now on the other side of my undergraduate experience at Suffolk, I feel tremendously well prepared for the challenge of a doctoral program.

What is a typical day like for you?

My day is filled with taking classes, teaching, and conducting exciting research in materials chemistry.

What is your favorite part?

The best part of my day is when I’m synthesizing, characterizing, and manipulating complex molecules that promise breakthroughs in virtually any industry. I do this through the bridge of computational chemistry and inorganic synthesis.

Mary Siriboe

At Suffolk

BS Chemistry, Class of 2020

Since Suffolk

Chemistry PhD student at University of Rochester

How did your experiences as a chemistry major at Suffolk prepare you for your post-graduate research program?

The required courses for the chemistry program at Suffolk University have allowed me to take classes like organic chemistry and physical chemistry, which has built on my understanding with my on-campus research. My on-campus research has proven to test my knowledge, since I’ve had to apply ideas, principles, and concepts I have learned through the program’s curriculum. Overall, my on-campus research experience taught me that nothing in research is perfect. Things are bound to go wrong but what makes it all worth it being challenged to continue to find a solution to the problem.

What is your undergraduate research project?

My research project is a computational investigation that researches the thermodynamics and kinetics of the production of dimethylsilanediol from volatile methyl siloxanes and hydroxyl radicals.

What is your favorite part of research?

My favorite part of the research is submitting calculations to the cluster and anticipating successful results. The wait builds suspense and drives my curious mind to predict possible outcomes.