Biochemistry, Chemistry, Environment & Physics

The Department of Biochemistry, Chemistry, Environment & Physics (BiCEP) at Suffolk University will give you the skills you need to succeed in today's scientific landscape. You’ll receive rigorous training in mathematics and the sciences to connect your studies in theory to practical applications and governmental policy. Our location in the heart of Boston will give you access to numerous opportunities within the biotech and pharma industries, hospitals, environmental organizations, academic labs, and more.

Biochemistry & Chemistry

Suffolk University's biochemistry & chemistry majors offer an intensive, laboratory-based curriculum paired with opportunities for independent research on campus. The sciences are housed in the Samia Academic Center, featuring dedicated teaching labs and shared research facilities. At Suffolk, there’s something for everyone, whether you’re interested in environmental chemistry, advanced biochemical techniques, marine biogeochemistry, or pharmacology and toxicology. These majors pair well with a forensic science minor. Our faculty conduct research in a number of areas including computational chemistry, elucidating reaction mechanisms, and biochemistry.

Our biochemistry major positions you well for careers in rapidly developing fields in the life sciences. More than half of recent graduates go on to work as lab technicians and research assistants in academic, biotech/pharma, and hospital labs. Many other alumni go on to health professional schools to become nurse practitioners, physician’s assistants, and doctors or to a variety of graduate programs in biochemistry and chemistry.

Environmental Science & Studies

BiCEP’s Environmental Science and Environmental Studies programs offer an innovative, multidisciplinary approach to examining and understanding how our natural world works. Environmental Science students will gain hands-on skills in exploring the relationship between humans and our environment through lab and field courses, and will be prepared to take on real-world policy problems related to sustainability and human health.

Whether you study environmental science or environmental studies, you'll earn a robust scientific education you can enrich with field courses in Costa Rica or locally around New England. In addition, you might choose to take courses that allow you to gain expertise in the use of drones for environmental applications, earning an FAA Remote Pilot license and a certificate in drone operations.

While you study environmental issues of global importance, you'll discover a world of hands-on learning in downtown Boston. As a Suffolk environmental science or environmental studies major, you can complete a practicum in organizations like the Environmental Protection Agency, Massachusetts Department of Public Health, or Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management. Other practicum sites include the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Sierra Club, Youth Climate Action Network, and Greenpeace.


With a minor in physics, you can study the universe from the largest galaxies to the smallest particles. While physics is the most fundamental science, it is also an integral part of many other disciplines, including astronomy, biology, chemistry, and environmental science. A background in physics can open a lot of doors for opportunities in industry, government, and other organizations.

You'll take three required courses: University Physics I and II, along with Introduction to Astronomy. All of them have labs so you'll enjoy plenty of hands-on learning. Plus, you can choose two electives to complete your minor.

Learn about some of our students using next-generation mixed reality technology in physics, interior architecture, and graphic design.


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From analyzing complex compounds and studying environmental impacts to connecting with National Science Foundation fellowships, you'll advance your scientific knowledge in our chemistry and biochemistry programs.

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