Environmental Science Major

Take your passion for the environment and help preserve our planet for future generations. Your quest to save the world begins when you major in environmental science.

With this major, you’ll examine environmental issues from an interdisciplinary scientific perspective. You’ll explore how humans affect nature in order to find solutions to the world’s environmental problems. You’ll build on foundation courses in environmental science with coursework in biology, chemistry, physics, and math. You’ll also study the social, cultural, and political aspects of the environment through courses in ethics and environmental policy. You’ll take your science courses in our brand-new building that features state-of-the-art labs and research facilities.

This major allows you the option to complete a practicum—a hands-on learning experience that lets you apply your knowledge to solving real-world environmental challenges. Environmental science majors have completed their practicum at the Environmental Protection Agency, Massachusetts Department of Public Health, and Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management.

After graduation, you can advance your studies in a master’s or doctoral program, or find rewarding work in settings that range from government agencies and think tanks to environmentally focused nonprofits and advocacy and education groups. You might also work in public health and corporate sustainability.

Courses & Requirements

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