Political Science Major

Ready for a productive inaugural year at Suffolk? When you major in Political Science, your first classes will include Introduction to American Politics, Evolution of the Global System, and Research Methods. Once you've got a solid understanding of domestic politics and international politics, along with essential analytical skills, you'll be on your way to political greatness.

Campus Initiatives with Global Impact

Political Science majors at Suffolk are passionate inside the classroom—and outside, too. Extracurricular activities will enrich your academic development. In 2006, our department founded the University Pollworkers Project, a groundbreaking partnership between Mass VOTE and local schools. Suffolk students help nearby colleges and high schools recruit students to serve as poll workers and educate them about their role in the electoral process.

Suffolk is also home to the United Nations Studies Project (UNSP), in conjunction with our law school and WorldBoston, a local nonprofit that hosts programs to foster international cooperation. UNSP hosts public, student-friendly discussions with top leaders; introduces students to a vast network of international scholars; coordinates visits to the United Nations in New York; and conducts research on the UN.

We're also home to a branch of Pi Sigma Alpha, the national political science honor society.

Other Options for Political Science Majors

The Political Science & Legal Studies Department offers a program in law for students seeking careers working with the law, including positions as paralegals in law offices, government agencies, or corporations. Many of our students choose to minor in law, earn a Certificate in Paralegal Studies, or explore these interdisciplinary programs:


This concentration provides a broad overview of the American political process. It will prepare you for graduate school and for a professional career in public policy, public service, private institutions, and/or political organizations in the United States.

This concentration offers you a framework for understanding the legal underpinnings of public policy as you critically analyze state, federal, and international legal issues and the institutions in which legal decisions are made. It's a solid foundation for your advanced studies in law and public policy, as well as a professional career in public policy, public service, private institutions, or political organizations. You can get pre-law advising in this and any other concentration if you're planning to apply to law school.

This concentration offers you an understanding of the principles, concepts, norms, and assumptions that inform public policy. You'll consider the meaning of justice and the nature and source of legitimate authority. This is a valuable foundation for your advanced studies and a career in public service, private institutions, or political organizations.

Courses & Requirements

Learn more about the classes, requirements, and different options available to complete the program.