Become a part of Suffolk's voting community. #suffolkvotes

A cornerstone of Suffolk’s identity is civic engagement and encouraging students to participate in the democratic process, which includes voting in elections. Suffolk Votes is a non-partisan, university-wide effort to get students registered, educated, and out to vote in local, state, and national elections. Learn more about Suffolk Votes.

A Different Kind of Midterm

Suffolk students are stepping up to help students find their voting locations and volunteering to staff the polls. Nineteen Suffolk Votes Ambassadors visited more than 50 classrooms this semester, helping to reach over 1,000 students.
Learn more about the Suffolk Votes Ambassadors and their experience

Registering to Vote

In some cases, students can complete most of or all of the registration process online, depending on the state in which you are registering. However, each state’s registration process is different. Because of this, we encourage you to take advantage of in-person voter registration where you can be sure to complete the process fully and accurately.

Visit Suffolk's Center for Community Engagement in Sawyer 824 to register in person and have any questions you may have answered by one of our Suffolk Votes Student Ambassadors or Center staff.

If you prefer to proceed on your own and are eligible to register online, we have provided additional resources to complete your registration online.