Our Theatres

Suffolk University in Boston is home to two vibrant performance spaces—the beautifully restored Modern Theatre and the state-of-the-art Sullivan Studio Theatre.

The Sullivan Studio Theatre

Entrance to the Sullivan Studio Theatre

The Theatre Department’s Sullivan Studio Theatre is its primary classroom and production ‘laboratory’ where students explore all aspects of making theatre. Location: 11th floor Sawyer Building (8 Ashburton Place, Boston).

The Modern Theatre

The stage of the modern theatre

Suffolk’s historic Modern Theatre is the university’s cultural center located in Boston’s dynamic Theatre District. Theatre Department productions in the Modern are high-profile opportunities for student artists to be seen by the university and larger Boston community. The Modern, managed by the Theatre Department, hosts many events open to the general public, including film screenings and civic discussions. Location: 525 Washington Street, Boston.

For event information, visit the official Modern Theatre website.

Modern Theatre in the News

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