1098-T Box Description

For 2018 Tax Year

BOX 1: Payments, loans, and institutional aid received to pay for qualified tuition and related expenses.

Qualified tuition and related expenses (QTRE) refer to tuition and required fees, such as lab fees or art program fees, a student must pay to be enrolled.

Qualified expenses do NOT include:

  • Room and board, insurance, transportation, personal, living or family expenses.
  • Amounts paid for any course or education involving sports, games or hobbies unless the course or other education is required as part of the student's degree program or is taken to acquire or improve job skills.
  • All non-credit courses

BOX 2: This box is BLANK. In previous years, your 1098-T included a figure in box 2 that represented QTRE we billed to your student account for the calendar (tax) year. Due to a change to institutional reporting requirements under federal law, beginning with tax year 2018, Suffolk University will report in box 1 the amount of QTRE paid during the year.

BOX 3: Checked due to change in reporting method for 2018.

BOX 4: Adjustments made for a prior year

This box shows a reduction to a payment previously reported in a prior tax year.

BOX 5: Scholarships and Grants

Reports scholarships, grants and, if applicable, payments made by a third party under formal billing arrangements (e.g. outside scholarships, employer provided educational assistance (regardless of tax liability), military, etc.) which have been administered by Suffolk. The amount reported in box 5 may exceed the amount reported in box 1.

BOX 6: Adjustments to scholarships or grants for a prior year

This box reports the reduction to any scholarship, grant, and, if applicable, third party payment in the current calendar year for aid that was reported in a prior year.

BOX 7: If Spring 2019 charges were paid in the 2018 calendar year, this box is checked.