Managed Travel Program

Suffolk is proud to be a part of the Boston Consortium’s Travel Program.

Our new travel partner, Protravel International, offers functionality, booking expertise, 24/7 customer phone support, and competitive rates to individuals and groups traveling on University business. Learn more about Getting Started [PDF] with the managed travel program.

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Highlights include:

  • Ability to create and save a profile, including any frequent flyer numbers to make booking travel faster
  • Manage travel for yourself or delegate a person to manage on your behalf
  • Search and book air, train, car, and/or hotel via one state-of-the-art online booking tool
  • 24/7 customer phone support
  • Cost savings on all elements of travel 

Travel Policy

Please review the current Travel Policy [PDF] before booking your travel. The University’s travel policy has not been changed, but the existing regulations have been built into the system.

Paying for Business Travel

Per Suffolk's Travel Policy [PDF], all travel must be paid for via a Suffolk University credit card. If you don't already have a Suffolk University credit card you can request one.

Booking your Travel

Individual Travel

You can book your travel through the online booking tool using your Suffolk University credit card. Attend one of our upcoming training sessions to learn more about the new booking process.

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Group Travel

Group travel is booked via a group agent not the online booking tool. To book group travel you must:

  1. Designate a Suffolk staff or faculty person to be the “Group Coordinator.” The Group Coordinator does not need to travel with the group, they are the person in charge of getting all the info they need, approving any exceptions, and working with ProTravel before, during, and after travel. The Group Coordinator will also need to be able to approve the payment for the travel.
  2. The Group Coordinator creates a spreadsheet with:
    • the name(s) of the student(s) which must be an exact match to the ID they will use while travelling
    • Traveler date of birth and gender
    • Contact phone and email
  3. The Group Coordinator sends the completed spreadsheet and travel details directly to Suffolk’s designated group travel agent at Protravel via email.

Personal Travel

Protravel agents can assist you with booking personal travel. Please do not use the online booking tool for personal travel; instead, email Protravel and enter "Personal Travel Request" on the subject line. Protravel will create a separate Leisure Travel Account for your personal travel so that your information and travel plans will be kept private. Standard agent fees will apply to any personal travel booked through Protravel.


Please contact Kurt Hentschel or Alison Tejeda with any questions you may have on the travel program. To contact Protravel directly for normal assistance, please call 877-639-3342 or email Protravel between the hours of 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. EST Monday through Friday. For after hours/emergency travel issues, please call 877-639-3342 and press 2.

Travel Program FAQ

Yes. Travel booked via the online self-booking tool is charged a $15.00 fee per transaction. Travel booked by reaching out to our dedicated Protravel Advisors incurs a $35.00 fee per transaction. For complicated itineraries and/or international travel, it is highly suggested that you reach out directly to our Advisor Team via phone or email to secure you travel

Yes. Per Suffolk's Travel Policy, all travel must be paid for via a Suffolk University credit card. If you don't already have a Suffolk University credit card you can request one.

No, unfortunately ETTA cannot access special hotel group room block associated with conferences and meetings. To secure the special conference or group rate, please book the hotel directly, using the discount code and your corporate card.

You can only book a ticket for yourself via the online booking tool. To book travel for yourself and any non-Suffolk person, please call our ProTravel Advisors directly. They can book you on the same flight and make sure that the correct charges are applied to your Suffolk card vs. your personal card.

If you need to make changes before you travel you can log-in to your Etta account and edit your existing trip. If you need assistance please call 877-639-3342 or email Protravel between the hours of 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. EST Monday through Friday. 

Our Protravel Advisors are here to help in such circumstances. Please call them at 877-639-3342, Monday – Friday, during normal business hours.

If you need emergency assistance during the evening hours, on weekends, and during holidays, please contact the special after-hours help line for assistance! Just call 877-639-3342 and select option 2. Additional charges will apply.

After signing into Etta, navigate over to the wheel icon in the top right corner. Under your name you’ll see “Account” listed. Click “Account” to access your profile main page. Under “Preferences” click the words “Travel Preferences”. On this page you can add your membership numbers. There is no limit to the number of memberships you can add.

Simply put, all fares are not created equal. Suffolk University has chosen at this time to restrict Basic Economy fares, which can have a lower price point. Although the price is lower, Basic Economy typically does not include any checked baggage (must pay a fee for each bag), may limit or restrict carry-on luggage (or subject to a fee), you will board last (increasing the chances that your carry-on luggage will be gate checked), may not include the option to select a seat at all, and has significant change fees associated with this class of ticket. If the plane is oversold, those who purchased Basic Economy are usually the first to get bumped and scheduled on a later flight as they do not have a seat assignment. For these reasons we have chosen at this time to restrict Basic Economy flights on the Etta online self-booking tool and highly discourage securing a Basic Economy flight.