Accident Insurance

Standard Insurance provides accident insurance for you and any eligible dependents when you first become eligible to enroll, during Open Enrollment, or if you have a qualifying event.

This benefit is an affordable way to make sure you can cover the gap between what your medical insurance covers and what you would owe if you or a family member were to get injured. You will receive a cash payment directly to you, and you are free to use it to cover whatever expenses you deem fit (copays, deductibles, groceries, rent, mortgage payments, etc.).  

The cash payment you receive depends on the injury and the service you received.  Injuries could include fractures, concussions, lacerations, burns, etc.

If you elect this benefit you will get an additional 25% payment if your child is injured while participating in an organized athletic activity (soccer practice, basketball game, dance class, etc.).

There is also a Health Maintenance Screening Benefits of $50.00 each year just for going to the doctor for a covered wellness exam (blood test, stress test, etc.) which is covered in full under the medical plan.   

2021 Accident Rates [PDF]

Accident Insurance Plan Summary [PDF]

For more information please visit the Standard Life Insurance website or call them at 1-888-937-4783.