Commuter Benefits

Commuter Benefits

Commuter benefits are available if you are in an eligible position at any time that you wish to elect the benefit. This allows you to set aside a specific pre-tax dollar amount to pay for most/all of your commuting expenses. You may sign up for this benefit in Workday.

There are two types of commuter benefit accounts, transit and parking:

  • Transit – allows you to purchase passes or one-time use for public transportation including Commuter Rail, subway, bus, and ferry, as well as uberPool or Lyft Line.
  • Parking – allows you to pay for parking in private parking lots and at MBTA parking lots.

You may have either or both types of accounts.

Commuter Benefits are managed through Discovery Benefits. After electing your benefits in Workday, money is deducted from your pay before taxes are calculated and is deposited directly into your Discovery Benefits transit and/or parking accounts.

You will use your Discovery Benefits debit card to pay for your commuting expenses. If you used another form of payment (debit card, credit card, cash, etc.) instead of your Discovery Benefits debit card to pay for your parking or transit, you may be reimbursed for commuting expenses. 

Any balances in your transit and/or parking account will carry over from month to month and year to year. You will forfeit any balance when you leave employment at Suffolk University.

For more information please visit the Discovery Benefits website or call 1-877-765-8810.