Tuition Exchange Program

Suffolk University is a member of the Tuition Exchange (TE) program. TE is a national scholarship exchange program whose membership is made up of over 600+ colleges and universities. Under this program, dependent children in or entering college may apply for a tuition scholarship from any school in the TE network. TE seeks an even exchange of tuition among member institutions over time with members expected to maintain a balance of the students exported and imported. No student is guaranteed a scholarship, but TE provides another potential scholarship opportunity.

Employee Eligibility

Full-time employees and faculty members with at least 2 years of continuous employment prior to the start of the academic year for which the Tuition Exchange scholarship is requested are eligible to apply for Tuition Exchange participation. Dependent children who receive a Tuition Exchange scholarship may only apply the scholarship to undergraduate study and for no more than eight semesters. Furthermore, if an employee whose dependent child has received a Tuition Exchange scholarship leaves the University’s employment for any reason, the scholarship will end – at the conclusion of the academic year for employees who retire or become disabled , and at the conclusion of the academic term in which the employment terminates for all other former employees, If an employee terminates employment prior to the beginning of the academic year for which an export scholarship is awarded, the scholarship is withdrawn.

Note: applications for export scholarships typically exceed availability, and the University places an emphasis on employees who have not previously had a dependent child receive a TE scholarship. Therefore it is highly unlikely a second dependent child from the same family will receive an export scholarship.

A full list of participating colleges and universities, as well as additional information about the TE organization, can be found online at The Tuition Exchange. For additional information about the application and decision process, please read the Tuition Exchange Export Policy below.

To apply, please use the Tuition Exchange Export Application.

For any questions about tuition benefits, email the Human Resources Office or contact us by phone at (617) 573-8415.