Employee Activities Council

As a current Suffolk staff member, you're cordially invited to join the Employee Activities Council (EAC)! This employee-run group organizes, plans, and hosts faculty and staff events every year that build camaraderie among the entire Suffolk community.

Membership Criteria

  • Members make a one-year commitment (July 1- June 30).
  • Members must be present for at least 80% of meetings.
  • Members must be present for events.
    • Members will be allowed to skip the planning of one scheduled event if they choose and give sufficient notice. If skipping an event, the given member doesn't need to attend the weekly meetings preceding that event's date but will resume attending meetings post-event.
  • There will be no limit to how many years a member can serve on the council. Council membership will be capped at 30 members, including the Executive Committee.
  • Members must notify the Executive Committee of their desire to leave or stay on the council immediately after the spring event each year.
  • Based on the response from existing members and number of spots open, the Executive Committee will recruit new members immediately following the spring event.


Meetings will be held monthly up until six weeks out from an event date. At that time, weekly meetings will take place until the event date. The Executive Committee will meet as needed and as determined by the chair.

Meeting dates will be set at the start of the semester and emailed to all committee members. Minutes will be taken at each meeting and circulated to the full committee.

Committee Members

2017-2018 Executive Committee Members

Chair: Alison Tejeda [email protected]
Vice Chair: Erin E. Redmond [email protected]
Treasurer: Jessica M. Murphy [email protected]
Social Media Coordinator: Alexandra L. Paterson [email protected]

Committee Members

Amy Siegel, [email protected]
Andrew Hogan, [email protected]
Bradford Robinson, [email protected]
George Theotokatos, [email protected]
Janine M. LaFauci, [email protected]
Jansey Dantus, [email protected]
Jason Wright, [email protected]
Jessica Valente, [email protected]
Ken Hayes, [email protected]
Mary Beth Lovejoy, [email protected]
Melissa Muchmore, [email protected]
Sharon Britton, [email protected]
Teegan George, [email protected]
Tuyet L. Fioravanti, [email protected]