Welcomes and Farewells

The University has a coordinated approach to welcoming new employees and recognizing retirees or other departing employees who have spent many years serving the University. The intent of retirement and departure receptions is to provide an opportunity for those leaving Suffolk to bid farewell to their colleagues, for the community to thank and recognize retiring or departing faculty and staff, and for all to celebrate our shared commitment to Suffolk University.


Suffolk welcomes new employees to our community. The University supports a simple welcome reception to introduce new employees to their new colleagues. Hiring managers should work with their Human Resources Partner, who will help organize refreshments for a morning or afternoon break during the new employee’s first few days of work.


The retiring/departing employee’s department may host an on-campus celebration. The department will plan the celebration and has discretion on format, time, venue, menu and guest list, which may include colleagues, family, former associates and students. If the guest list includes students or others who may be under the age 21, no alcoholic beverages may be served at the reception.

The maximum budget for a retiree’s celebration is $750. If a department is honoring more than one retiree at a single event, the total cost of the event may increase $350 for each additional retiree.

The budget for a departing employee’s celebration varies by length of employment.

  • 10 or more years of employment: $500
  • 3 – 9 years of employment: $300

If a department is honoring more than one departing employee at a single event, the total cost of the event may increase $200 for each additional departing employee. No additional University funds may be used to supplement the costs associated with a Farewell event.

If the retiree’s/departing employee’s department wishes to have an off-site celebration, the host may be reimbursed for up to the amounts above.

All on-site or off-site events supported financially by the University must comply with all University policies.

Welcome and retirement/departure celebrations are funded centrally through the Human Resources office. To initiate a welcome reception or a retirement/departure celebration, please work with your HR Partner. You must receive advance budget authorization before planning an event. If you do not have prior approval, University funds may not be used. If you need any planning assistance, Alison Tejeda in the Conferencing and Events office is eager to help.

For the purpose of this policy, a “Retiree” is a person with at least 10 years of consecutive employment with the University who willfully ends her/his employment at or after age 62 and who has no intent to seek a new, full-time job.