ITS Software and Hardware Requisition Policy

Please use this documentation as a reference for the basic steps for requesting new Software and Hardware, and for platform selection for pedagogy at Suffolk University. Learn more about the IT Governance Process.

Requisitioning Software & Hardware

Normal Budget Cycle

  1. Annually each December:
    • ITS sends a notice to the Academic Department Chairperson and Administrative Director to begin the budget process
    • Software, Hardware and Platform Access Requests are submitted to your Academic Department Chairperson or Administrative Director for evaluation and give a signoff that the request is worth consideration
    • New Requests approved by the Department Chairperson will need to go through the IT Governance Executive Committee for approval by the IT Governance Committee
  2. If the request is approved, it is submitted to the Budget Office for approval and inclusion in the budget
    • The project request must be approved before it can be placed into the fiscal year budget
  3. If the budget is approved, the procurement process begins

Outside the Normal Budget Cycle

  1. The request is submitted to the Academic Department Chair or Administrative Director for approval
  2. If the new request is approved, it will need to go through the IT Governance Process for approval
  3. If the IT Governance Executive Committee approves the request, the request is then submitted to the Budget Office for approval and inclusion in the budget
    • As this approved request is submitted after the normal budget cycle approval, the Sponsor must confirm the source of the funding supporting the request
    • If the budget is approved for the request, the procurement process begins

Every request is evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Requests made outside of the normal budget cycle cannot be fulfilled or purchased outside of the ITS budget (e.g., from Departmental Funds, Research Funds, Start Up Funds, etc.).

Research/Grant Funded Request

New Software and Hardware Requests funded by research or grant funds should be submitted directly by the Principal Investigator (PI) to ITS for review. These requests can be submitted at any time.

  • ITS reaches out to the vendor contact to have both a Security Assessment and Accessibility Assessment completed
    The request will not move forward if it does not meet Suffolk standards for security and accessibility and the process stops here
  • Once positive assessments are completed, ITS will work with the requestor to proceed directly to the procurement process