Informer Web Reporting

Informer Web Reporting is an application that enables you to report on data from a variety of sources, including Colleague and ImageNow. Reports can be used to monitor office operations and also to inform business decisions. Most Informer users are “report runners” and request access to run specific reports from the “report writers” with whom they work.

Request Access

To request general access to Informer, ask your department head or Dean to send an email to:

Logging In

Once access has been granted, you will connect to Informer using the same username and password that you use to access your computer and email. The URL for Informer is (Please note that there is no “www” in this address).

Preferred Browsers

The preferred browsers for use with Informer are Firefox and Google Chrome. There are some things in Informer that won’t work well with Internet Explorer (IE). When you first connect to Informer, you will be warned regarding a public security certificate. It is fine to bypass this warning because Informer is secured within the Suffolk network.

Access to Individual Reports

There are a small number of Informer reports that are defined as “public”, and all users have access to these reports. To request access to non-public (shared) reports, users request the access from each report’s owner. Please consult with your supervisor regarding the specific needs associated with your role here at Suffolk. You can run the public report called “INF - All Informer Reports - Name, Description, Owner” to see if any additional reports might be helpful for your work.

Information Security

Information should be accessed via Informer only if needed to complete authorized tasks and should be communicated only to authorized parties. Please keep in mind that email is not a secure medium for transferring any confidential information, (such as personally identifiable information, social security numbers, credit card information or financial/banking account information). If at any time you feel that any confidential information has been compromised, email us at: and contact the Suffolk University Service Desk at 617-577-2000.


To access documentation and other training resources in Informer, click on the “Documentation” link at the top, right of the page. You will be directed to the Informer Help Center. To sign up for access to the Help Center see the Sign Up link at the bottom of the page. Once signed in, choose the "Documentation" page from the Help Center home page. From this page, you can access the complete User Training Guide [PDF], as well as other valuable resources.

Report Writer Open House Sessions

Open house sessions for report writers are held at varying times twice each month. Report writers will receive invitations to these events via email. During these events, ITS staff will be on hand to help with questions about report setup and output options.Accessing Informer from off-campus

Accessing Informer from off-campus

To access Informer from outside of the Suffolk network, you must first connect to the Suffolk University Virtual Private Network (VPN). To enable the Java Secure Application Manager, (see below) you must open your browser in Administrator mode and right-click the program icon, then click Run as administrator. Be sure to use Firefox or Chrome as your internet browser, since other browsers may limit functionality in Informer. After connecting to the VPN, start the Java Secure Application Manager at the bottom of the VPN page. Once the Java Secure Application Manager is running, launch Informer by clicking on the link near the top of the VPN home page, under the heading “Web Bookmarks”.

Questions and Problem Reports

Should you have any problems accessing or any questions about Informer, please send an email to: