Service Watch

Service Watch is another great utility. Basically all Service Watch does is, you guessed it, watch services. Service Watch is currently configured to monitor all aspects of Suffolk's Network so that the Network Services Group is notified immediately if there are any problems.

As with the MRTG service, we are opening Service Watch to the Suffolk Community. Here is a good example where Service Watch may be of aid…

You and your staff are at the newest conference on the latest and greatest technology. Everyone is having a great time when miles away, your server crashes. The only problem is that there is no one in the office and you have no way of knowing your systems are down.

With Service Watch configured to monitor your server, Service Watch sends you an e-mail - or even pages your cell phone - the moment there is a problem, informing you of the issue.

I don't think that anyone enjoys spending 70%-80% of their day making sure that their services are running. The goal of the Service Watch project is to help take the burden off of the system administrator. In the simplest of terms, we have the computer keep tabs on itself and inform the administrator only when there is a problem. Service Watch may be configured to e-mail you with an alert or page your cell phone* so you can be notified any where in the world.

Below is a list of currently available services Service Watch can monitor. If you would like a service monitored that is not listed, please e-mail us ( and we can discuss options.

Available Protocols

  • HTTP [Hyper Text Transfer Protocol] (web servers)
  • HTTPS [Secure Hyper Text Transfer Protocol] (secure/encrypted web servers)
  • IMAP4 [Internet Message Access Protocol v.4] (client email)
  • SSH [Secure Shell] (secure/encrypted login access)
  • POP3 [Post Office Protocol v.3] (client email)
  • SMTP [Simple Mail Transport Protocol] (server-side email)

You can request monitoring of a selected service. If you would like a service monitored that is not listed, please e-mail us at:

Please note: Network Services will not monitor services on an end-user computer except under exceptional circumstances. Service Watch is generally restricted to servers.

*Only Suffolk University cellular telephones are eligible for this feature.