Employee O365 Migration

Faculty/Staff Email Migration to Microsoft Cloud

Email quotas will be increased by 25x to 50GB and 1TB of OneDrive.

Over the next few months, all employee email, calendar and contacts will be moved from our on premise Microsoft Exchange email servers to the Microsoft Office 365 cloud. The move will combine our student, faculty and staff emails in a single system, allowing for better collaboration between students and employees.

The new system, known as Office 365, will provide you with the following:

  • Increased mailbox size from 2 to 50 Gigabytes of email storage
  • Access to Microsoft OneDrive, a cloud based storage service with 1 Terabyte of online storage

Your username, password, and email address will remain the same.


If you are using Outlook
Close Outlook and Restart
An authentication box asking you to enter your password will appear
username@adm.suffolk.edu should automatically populate


Open a Browser and type the NEW EMAIL URL: o365.suffolk.edu
(the letter "o" - not a zero)
This will replace umail.suffolk.edu
Login with existing credentials


When Migration is complete, a pop up window might appear
Cancel out of this window


For iPhone, Under Settings

Go to Passwords & Accounts
Select Suffolk email account (might be Exchange)
scroll to the bottom
Click Delete Account to delete old email account

For Android, Under Settings

Tap Accounts (might be Users & Accounts)
Select Suffolk email (might be listed as Exchange)
You should see a Remove Account option at the bottom
If not, click on the 3 dots in the top right corner and then Remove Account



Go to Passwords & Accounts
Add Account
Click Exchange
Type full Email address (ie: jdoe@suffolk.edu)
Click Next, Click Sign in
The ADFS screen will appear with email address populated
Remove the @suffolk.edu (keep username ie: jdoe)
Type password
Click Sign in


Email address is the same
Server: outlook.office365.com
Domain: adm.suffolk.edu
Username: username@adm.suffolk.edu (ie: jdoe@adm.suffolk.edu)

If Android prompts for Domain\Username field: just enter username@adm.suffolk.edu
Click Done

MAC Users:

After migration you will receive a popup, click "Allow"

After clicking Allow, another popup will appear.

Click "Yes"

Delete adm.suffolk.edu\ from the username field and replace with username@adm.suffolk.edu

(ie: jdoe@adm.suffolk.edu)

Enter your password then click "Ok"

Enter Account Information

The ADFS screen will appear

Remove @adm.suffolk.edu, leaving only the username

Enter your password then click "Sign In"

Some versions of the MAC OS might popup an Exchange window.
Be sure to fill in username as: username@adm.suffolk.edu (ie: jdoe@adm.suffom.edu)

Frequently Asked Questioned - Office365 Email & Migration

  • Why is email being moved to the cloud?
    • Moving to the cloud has many benefits: more space, less expensive, more collaborative tools, always up to date, etc.
  • When will my account be moved to the cloud? What is the schedule?
    • see table above
  • What is the o365 email quota?
    • 50GB
  • Will all items in my Inbox/Sent Items/Folders be moved?
    • Yes
  • I forward my email, will my forward rules remain?
    • Yes
  • Will I lose any email?
    • NO
  • Will my address lists work in Office365?
    • Yes
  • What is my Office 365 username
    • Your Office 365 username is the same as your current Suffolk Username.
  • How do I access Office 365?
  • What's the impact to my personal copy of Office on my personal computer?
    • You will now have access to install Office apps on 5 devices.
  • How do I reset my password for Office 365?
  • What happens to my local archived email?
    • Local archive files (.pst) will remain local on your machine.
  • What happens to junk/spam folder?
    • Junk/Spam will go to your Junk Folder. Be Sure to check for any emails in this folder.