Every member of the Suffolk community receives an "Active Directory" account with a username and password.


Users who have already enrolled a mobile device can reset their own password. If you have not enrolled in the password reset service, please call the ServiceDesk at 617-557-2000.

This password gives you access to Suffolk email and the wireless network. This password does NOT affect your MySuffolk or Blackboard accounts.

  • Passwords must NOT be shared with anyone. Suffolk University will never ask for your University Active Directory password.
  • Passwords must be changed at least every 120 days.
  • More information on the Password Policy.

Forgot your password?

The Password Reset service makes it possible for you to reset your Suffolk University 'Active Directory' password in the event you forgot it by receiving a text (SMS) message. If you do not have a device that can receive text (SMS) messages, you may reset your password by contacting the University ServiceDesk at 617-557-2000.

Once you have enrolled in the service, you will have the ability to reset your password. 

  • If you have NOT previously enrolled in the self-service tool and know your current login and password, please follow the steps on the Password Reset page.
  • If you have previously enrolled, you can reset your password.
  • If you have not previously enrolled and currently cannot recall your password or are locked out, please contact the University ServiceDesk at 617-557-2000.