OneDrive is a cloud based file storage service which allows you to sync and share files between computers & mobile devices. OneDrive also allows you to easily share folders and files with others to aid in collaboration.

Access OneDrive via your Suffolk o365 Email account:

Log in with your Suffolk username and password

Account Size Limitations

The size of your email account is 50GB. This includes emails in your inbox, all attachments, sent mail, and deleted folders.

The size of your OneDrive account is 1TB.
The maximum file size you can upload is 10GB

Once logged into Email, Click on the 'Top Left Dotted Box' to access Microsoft apps:

o365 menu

Select 'OneDrive'.

o365 apps

To Create a New File

From the Files Library,
Select 'New' and the type of document:

o365 Files

Once open, Rename document by selecting generic name and type in new name.

o365 document

The document automatically saves.


To Upload a Document

From the File Library, Select 'Upload' and choose files or folder:

o365 upload document

Browse to the file or folder located on your local drive and select 'Open'.

The file or folder will be listed in your Files Library.

To Move Files or Folders Within OneDrive

Right Click on the folder or file to see menu:

o365 right click

Choose 'Move to' and select folder name,

All files and folders are private until you choose to share.

To Create a New Shared Folder

Highlight 'Files' in left column,
Under New, Click 'Folder'.

o365 new folder

Type Name of Folder,

o365 folder name

And Click 'Create'.

Hover over the new folder until you see a Share icon.

o365 share file

Type the user's Suffolk email with whom you wish to share and click send,

OR Click on the box "People in Suffolk University with this link" and then select specific people.

o365 send link

And Click 'Apply'.

o365 link settings

Type in users email and click 'send'.