Virtual Desktop (VDI)

Suffolk's Information Technology Services (ITS) implements a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure or VDI service. VDI desktops allow all faculty and students to access required applications on all devices. With the VDI service, students are able to work offsite at no additional cost.

ITS has two separate VDI desktops; one for general University use, and one for students enrolled in Art and Design. Both VDI desktops can be accessed from a variety of devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and regular desktops. You can access the VDI on- and off-campus, provided you have an internet connection.

The VDI service can be accessed in two ways; those on-campus may download the VMware Horizon Client, and those off-campus can access it via HTML. Please note: HTML access is not recommended for resource intensive applications (e.g., AutoCAD).

To download or access via HTML, visit VMware Horizon.

Questions? Call the IT Service Desk at 617-557-2000.

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