Graduate Registration

Students register for classes online through their MySuffolk accounts. Before you register, be sure you have taken all the proper steps to assure a problem-free registration.

Suffolk University assumes no liability for the delay or failure in providing educational or other services or facilities due to causes beyond its reasonable control. Causes include, but are not limited to power failure, fire, strikes by University employees or others, damage by natural elements, public health crisis, and acts of public authorities. The University will, however, exert reasonable efforts, when it judges them to be appropriate, to provide comparable services, facilities, or performance; but its inability or failure to do so shall not subject the University to liability.

Short Term Course Add/Drop

Schedule for adding and dropping courses courses that do not follow the standard semester schedule. 

How to Register for Classes

Instructions for registration, dropping and/or editing courses, and more, with step-by-step video instructions to guide you through the registration process.

Registration Approval

Most graduate degree and certificate programs require departmental approval prior to registration. Find your department contact here.

Registration & Add/Drop Schedule

It is important to be aware of dates for registration, adding and dropping classes. If you do not observe these deadlines, you may not be able to register for a course you want, or to add or drop a class.

Semester Course Load Information

Your course load as a graduate student—including international and summer session students—may have an important impact on your ability to achieve your educational goals and to maintain financial aid.

Registration for Visiting Students

Both the College of Arts & Sciences and the Sawyer Business School offer a variety of opportunities for non-degree students to take graduate level courses

Registration Forms

Download any registration form you need; change of address, drop/add, protecting your privacy rights, change of concentration, and many more.