Here's how your grade point average is determined and what it means.

Grade Calculation

Grade point calculation is determined by multiplying the numerical grade equivalency--4.0 (A), 3.67 (A-), 3.33 (B+), 3.00 (B), 2.67 (B-), 2.33 (C+), 2.00 (C), 1.67 (C-), 1.33 (D+), 1.00 (D), .67 (D-), 0 (F)--by the credits earned for each course. Grade points are then divided by the credits you've earned for the terms to equal your grade point average. Satisfactory grades without a numerical equivalent are included in the total hours (TH) toward the degree, but not in the numerically graded hours (NGH) or grade point average.

Transcript Grading Key

A 4.0 Excellent
A- 3.67
B+ 3.33
B 3.00
B- 2.67
C+ 2.33
C 2.00 Satisfactory
C- 1.67 Unsatisfactory
D+ 1.33 Unsatisfactory
D 1.00 Unsatisfactory
D- 0.67 Unsatisfactory
F 0.00 Failure

HH High Honors Excellent
H Honors Superior
P Pass Satisfactory
L Low Pass Satisfactory
F Failure Failure
S Satisfactory Satisfactory
CR Credit Satisfactory
NC No Credit Unsatisfactory
U Unsatisfactory Unsatisfactory

CIP Course in Progress
I Incomplete
NG No Grade Assigned
T Transfer Credit
W Withdrawal
X Excusal
YL Year-Long Course
Y Year-Long Course


First-Year Midterm Grades

First-Year Day

Your course instructors may use a number of different assessment methods to grade you, including quizzes, one or more assignments (papers, memos, drafting exercises, simulations, oral exercises, or presentations), class participation, midterm examination, final examination, or final paper. This also includes giving a traditional three-hour examination at the end of the semester (or at the end of both semesters for yearlong courses other than Legal Practice Skills). The instructor will notify you of the grading method used.

Your midterm examination grades will be reported to you; however, they will not appear on your transcript.

Grade Reports

Grades are posted on MySuffolk at a date and time specified at the end of each semester.

Dean's List

The Dean’s List is an annual honor designation for students placing in the top 33%, solely for that academic year, of (i) the first year student body, or (ii) the upper-class student body, as the case may be. Those students who qualify for the Dean’s List will be determined annually, after completion of the spring term, by the Assistant Dean for Academic Services and the Academic Associate Deans using the grades from the year just completed. The Dean’s List will be announced shortly after grades for the spring term are posted. No change will be made to the Dean’s List G.P.A. once it has been determined.