How to Register for Classes

Students register for classes online through their MySuffolk accounts.

Search/Register for Sections

Log onto MySuffolk > Curriculum/Registration Tab > Search and Register to search for available courses.

Law School terms: FL for fall and SL for Spring. Use this process when you are looking for a specific course.

Express Registration

Enter the synonym number (5 digit number assigned to each course posted on the elective list as SYN) and term 20/FL Fall 2020 Law.

When you have chosen all of your preferred course selections, click SUBMIT. A new screen ‘Register and Drop’ will appear. On your assigned registration day go to the ‘Register and Drop’ screen to officially register for courses by selecting RG in the drop down menu then click submit.

Please note: Any number of courses may be added to the ‘Register and Drop’ screen, however, course conflicts, prerequisites, and class availability will only be checked on your assigned registration day when you select RG-Register for each course and submit.

Register/Drop Course Sections

The first column to the left of your course selections is an action drop-down box. The actions that you are allowed to take for each course are ‘Register,’ ‘Waitlist,’ or ‘Remove from List.’

You can select an action to register all of your Preferred Sections or individual courses. The registration results page will appear. If your course registration was successful the status column will say “Registered for this section.” If your course registration was unsuccessful, the reason will display at the top of the screen.

Why Did Registration Fail?

Registrations may fail because prerequisites are not met, a course is closed, the course is restricted, or there is a time conflict. If a course is closed and you would like to place yourself on the waitlist, click on the menu option labeled ‘Register & Drop.’ Your preferred course list will appear at the top of the screen with the number of seats still available. The courses you have registered are listed at the bottom of the screen.

Add To and Manage My Waitlist

Any student who is closed out of a course(s) and is waitlisted for the course(s) will be notified by email, as space becomes available. Notification of space availability will be by email only to your email address. Students notified of space availability in a course, will be able to enroll in the waitlisted course on Web Advisors>Registration/Class Schedule>Manage My Waitlist.

Upon notification email, you will have 24 hours to add the waitlisted course. If the course is not added within the 24 hours of the email, your eligibility to enroll in the waitlisted course will expire and your seat will be assigned to the next student. If you are no longer interested in the course go to manage my waitlist and remove the course Students with course(s) listed as WAIT are not enrolled in the course. Faculty will be provided with a course waitlist with each student's numerical position. A student's position on the waitlist is not accessible on WebAdvisor.