Semester Course Load Information

Whether you're in the Day or Evening Division or you're earning a dual-degree at Suffolk Law, be sure you're enrolled in the right amount of credits.

Credit Requirements for Day Students

Day students must enroll in a minimum of 27 credits per year; and may enroll in 12-15 credits each semester. Enrollment in more than 27 credits in Year Two will not reduce Year Three's 27-credit requirement.

Credit Requirements for Evening Students

Enrollment in more than 21 credits in Year Two and/or Year Three will not reduce the 21-credit minimum required in Year Four. Evening students are required to enroll in a minimum of 21 credits per year, and may enroll in 9-12 credits each semester. Students who complete 64 credits at the end of Year Three may enroll in 20 credits in Year Four.

Credit Requirements for Dual-Degree Students

Students enrolled in dual-degree programs are held to the same standard as day and evening students regarding credits whether enrolled in the Law School, the College of Arts & Sciences or Sawyer Business School, or both schools in a semester.

Credit for Clinical and Other Non-Classroom Activities

No more than 16 credits of ungraded non-classroom work and clinical fieldwork may be counted toward the degree. Of the 16-credit limit, no more than 12 credits from clinical or internship fieldwork may be counted toward the degree.

No student may receive more than two units of credit in a semester for ungraded non-classroom activities other than regularly scheduled courses or clinical programs. Examples of non-classroom activities include directed study, Law Review, Moot Court, a Moot Court team, research assistant, Transnational Law Review, Journal of Health and Biomedical Law, Journal of High Technology Law, and directed study or thesis. [Example: You can take a clinical program for five credits and receive two additional credits for a research assistantship or other non-classroom activity in the same semester. You cannot receive two credits for a research assistantship and two more for being on a law review or journal in a single semester.]