Course Load Summary

Are you a half-time, part-time, or full-time student? That depends on how many credits you're registered for. Read on for more details.

Please note: All international students are required to complete at least 12 credits each fall and spring semester.

Undergraduate Students

Fall & Spring Semester Full-Time

You must be registered for at least 12 credits to be considered full-time and can register for a maximum of 17 credits.

Fall & Spring Semester Three-Quarter Time

Between 9-11 credits per semester

Fall & Spring Semester Part-Time

Between 6-8 credit per semester

Fall & Spring Less than Half-Time

Fewer than 6 credits

Summer Sessions

Undergraduate students may take a maximum of 16 credits during an entire summer semester, but may not exceed eight credits in any one or combination of the following sets of summer modules: Module A, Module 1, and Module 3; or Module A, Module 2, and Module 3.