Pass/Fail & Auditing

The ABCs of grading don't apply to every course at Suffolk. Sometimes, you can choose the Pass/Fail option or audit a course instead of getting a standard letter grade. Here's more about both.


Spring 2020 Pass/Fail Frequently Asked Questions [PDF]: You will find helpful information here to assist in the decision process regarding choosing a P or letter grade.

To be eligible for the pass/fail option, you must be in good academic standing and have completed a minimum of 15 semester hours of coursework at Suffolk University. This option is limited to 12 credits per student and may not be used for courses that fulfill general college requirements or major or minor requirements. It is only applicable to elective courses.

You should designate courses as pass/fail after registration, but before the end of the course change period, by completing a Pass/Fail Declaration Request form [PDF]. No changes from the pass/fail designation to the letter grade system or vice versa are permitted after the course change period has elapsed at the start of any semester or summer session. A pass may be applied toward fulfilling degree credits but may not be applied toward your cumulative grade point average.

If you're planning to attend law school or a master's program, please be aware that many professional and graduate schools prefer students to submit traditional letter grades.


If you audit a course, you won't receive credit or honor points. You must, however, pay the same tuition as if you were taking the course for credit. Under no circumstances may you change from the evaluative letter grade system to audit or vice versa after the first two weeks of classes.

If you audit a course, you'll be responsible for attending classes and completing the required coursework.