Budget Advisory Committee

Scope of Responsibilities

  • Provide advice to the President on key budget parameters to recommend to the Board of Trustees for use in the annual operating budget
  • Evaluate the impact of various levels of the key budget parameters on target financial ratios for the University
  • Oversee the Cost Savings and Revenue Enhancement Initiative for the University which includes:
    • Reviewing the submission of innovative ideas from the University community to create efficiencies in operations and strengthen and diversify revenue streams

Committee Membership

  • Julie Sandell
  • Laura Sander
    Senior Vice President for Finance & Administration and Treasurer
  • Amy Zeng
    Dean of the Sawyer Business School
  • Andrew Perlman
    Dean of the Law School
  • Ariel Tevet-Markelevich
    Associate Professor, Accounting
  • Jonathan Haughton
    Professor/Chair, Economics
  • Jeffrey Pokorak
    Professor, Law
  • Steven Ferrey
    Professor, Law
  • Jennifer Ricciardi
    Assistant Vice President, Financial Aid Offices/Colleges
  • Philip DeGeorge
    Associate Vice President of Development Ops., Advancement
  • Angela El Jazzar
    Student Representative, SGA
  • Donna Montgomery
    Student Representative, GSA
  • Donald Jerome Slater
    Student Representative, SBA

Cost Savings & Revenue Enhancement Initiative

Initiative ideas for cost savings and revenue enhancement will be vetted by the Budget Advisory Committee. Any ideas that should be operationalized will be recommended to President Kelly for action.

The results of this initiative will create a more sustainable and efficient business model for the University. This process will facilitate creative solutions to meet the financial needs of the university and provide for financial growth and stability.

All ideas will be reviewed and vetted by the Budget Advisory Committee. If more information is needed to consider the idea for recommendation to President Kelly, the Committee will reach out to the author of the submission.

To submit a cost savings and revenue enhancement idea to the Budget Advisory Committee, please complete the form or email the committee for more information.