Tuition Rates 2022-23


Programs Credits Per semester Rate  Annual Rate Per Credit Rate Per Course Rate
UG  Full-time: 12-17/semester $21,395 $42,790 $1,258  
Madrid  Full-time: 12-17/semester $16,337 $32,674 $961  
Certified Financial Planner  Per course       $1,168
Paralegal studies-Full time: 12-17 credits per semester   $21,395 $42,790 $1,258  
Post Baccalaureate Certificate - Radiation Therapy Full-time: 12-17/semester $14,229 $28,458 $837  
NESAD Certificate       $712  
NESAD Continuing Education        $615  



Programs Credits Per semester Rate  Annual Rate Per Credit Rate
Law - Day  Full-time: 10-15/semester $26,960 $53,920 $1,797
Law - Evening  Full-time: 7-12/semester $20,220 $40,440 $1,797
Legal English Institute Flat Rate     $3,227
LLM  Per credit     $2,275
LSJD (PHD)     
Master of Science in Law: Life Sciences Per credit     $1,797
Joint Degree Credits Per semester Rate  Annual Rate Per Credit Rate
JD/MBA (Per Credit) Per credit $2,040
JD/Master of Public Administration (Per Credit) $1,815
JD/MS in Finance (Per Credit) $1,924
JD/MS in Criminal Justice (Per Credit)     $1,870

College of Arts and Sciences

Programs Credits Per semester Rate  Annual Rate Per Credit Rate Per Course Rate
MED in Administration of Higher Education Full-time: 12/semester $16,370 $32,740 $1,364  
MA in Applied Politics
MA in Communication 
MS in Crime and Justice Studies 
MS in Ethics and Public Policy
MA in Global Public Policy
MA in Graphic Design 
MA in Interior Architecture 
MS in Medical Dosimetry Full-time: 12/semester $16,675 $33,350 $1,390  
*MS in Medical Dosimetry exceptions: First semester 16-credit cost = $22,235 | Summer internship 3 credits cost = $4,170          
MS in Mental Health Counseling (15 credits per semester)  Full-time: 15/semester $18,195 $36,390 $1,213  
PhD in Clinical Psychology  Full-time: 12/semester $20,150 $40,300 $1,679  
PhD in Applied Developmental Psychology Full-time: 12/semester $20,150 $40,300 $1,679  
PhD in Economics  Full time: 9 credits $15,112 $30,224 $1,679  
Certificate in Disability Services       $770  
Professional Certificate in Restorative Justice         $1,800
College of Arts and Sciences Dual Degree programs Credits Per semester Rate  Annual Rate Per Credit Rate
MS in Crime & Justice Studies/MS in Mental Health Counseling Per credit     $1,256
MS in Crime and Justice Studies/Master of Public Administration $1,307
MS in Mental Health Counseling/Master in Public Administration $1,230
Master of Public Administration/MA in Applied Politics $1,307
Master of Public Administration/MA in Global Public Policy $1,307

Sawyer Business School

Programs Credits Per semester Rate  Annual Rate Per Credit Rate
Executive MBA Per Credit     $1,953
Master of Public Administration  Full-time: 12-15/semester $18,925 $37,850 $1,262
Master of Health Care Administration  Full-time: 12-15/semester $18,925 $37,850 $1,262
MBA; MBA/Health; MBA/Non-profit  Full-time: 12-15/semester $24,570 $49,140 $1,638
MS in Accounting 
MS in Business Analytics 
MS in Finance 
MS in Financial Services and Banking 
Master in Management & Organizational Leadership
MS in Marketing 
MS in Taxation 
Sawyer Business School Graduate Certificate Programs  Credits Per semester Rate  Annual Rate Per Credit Rate
Financial Accounting & Reporting Per credit   $1,638
Foundations of Accounting & Taxation
Business Essentials
Corporate Finance
Corporate Taxation
Customer Insight
Data Analytics  
Data Analytics & Accounting
Data Management
Data Science
Digital Marketing Analytics
Financial Technology
Global Strategy & Leadership
Leading Teams & Projects
Managerial Skills
Managing Talent
Risk Management (for previous business majors)
Strategic Marketing
Tax Audit Defense
Taxation of Wealth
Teams & Innovation
Healthcare Management & Leadership Per credit $1,262
Healthcare Analytics
Healthcare Quality & Patient Safety
Nonprofit Management Per credit $1,262
State & Local Government 
Sawyer Business School Dual Degree programs Credits Per semester Rate  Annual Rate Per Credit Rate
MBA/MS in Accounting Full-time: 12-15/semester $24,570 $49,140 $1,638
MBA/MS in Finance
MBA/MS in Taxation
MS in Business Analytics/MS in Marketing
MS in Accounting/MS in Finance
MS in Accounting/MS in Taxation
MBA/MS in Business Analytics
MBA/MS in Marketing
MS in Business Analytics/MS in Accounting
MS in Business Analytics/MS in Finance
MS in Business Analytics/Master in Management Studies
Master in Management & Organizational Leadership/Master of Public Administration Per credit     $1,433
MS in Business Analytics/Master of Health Care Administration  Per credit     $1,415
Online Programs Credits Per semester Rate  Annual Rate Per Credit Rate
Online Masters   $1,243

Residence Hall & Meal Plans

Room Type Per Semester Rate Annual Rate
Single Bedroom with kitchen $8,395 $16,790
Double bedroom with kitchen $8,060 $16,120
Triple bedroom with kitchen $7,725 $15,450
Studio Double with kitchen $8,060 $16,120
Studio Triple/Duplex Triple with kitchen $7,725 $15,450
Duplex Quad with kitchen  $7,395 $14,790
Single Bedroom  $8,060 $16,120
Double Bedroom  $7,725 $15,450
Triple Bedroom  $7,395 $14,790
Quad Bedroom $7,070 $14,140
Meal Type  Per Semester Rate  Annual Rate
Meal Plan A $1,896 $3,792
Meal Plan B $1,701 $3,402
Meal Plan C $1,516 $3,032

View estimated cost of attendance

The tuition, fees and other expenses for Suffolk University at our Boston Campus are outlined below, both for incoming first-year and transfer students. While tuition, fees and University sponsored housing will be charged by Suffolk, the other expenses listed here are to help you plan for other costs associated with enrollment. They will not be charged by Suffolk University directly.

For a more detailed breakdown of these and other charges, such as dining plans and specific housing costs, see the Undergraduate Tuition & Fees page.

The chart here represents the annual cost for a new full-time undergraduate student enrolling in the FALL 2023 semester and continuing as a full-time student in the SPRING 2024 semester.

A full-time student is registered between 12-17 credits per semester. Students pay the same flat tuition rate when they are enrolled in 12 up to and including 17 credits. Students who enroll in fewer than 12 or greater than 17 credits will be charged at a per credit rate.

Fall 2023 and Spring 2024

  Commuter Resident Off Campus
Tuition $44,812 $44,812 $44,812
Mandatory Fees  $568  $568  $568 
Housing and Food $2,804  $19,562 $26,054 
Books and Supplies $1,200 $1,200 $1,200
Loan Fees  $72  $72  $72 
Transportation $1,564 $440 $1,564
Miscellaneous $1,658 $1,658 $1,658
Total  $52,678 $68,312  $75,928

All full-time students are also automatically charged for the University’s Student Health Insurance Plan. If you have comparable US based health insurance, you can waive this charge. New students are also charged a one-time Orientation Fee during their first semester ($283 for Freshmen and $126 for Transfer Students).