Suffolk University was and continues to be at the forefront in embracing a diverse student population. Here, students of color, women, and LGBTQ+ students find a home.

Diversity in Action

Suffolk University draws its energy from the vibrant urban heart of Boston, with its spectrum of cultures, customs, values, and expression, and from the rest of the world, in the places our students and faculty call home. It’s the ideal foundation upon which to build a truly diverse university community.

That diversity is crucial. Students preparing themselves to succeed in a world of differing viewpoints, values, identities, and lived experiences need a university environment that immerses them in the kind of diversity they will encounter for the rest of their lives.

At Suffolk, diversity is more than simple demographic representation. It is paired with and activated by inclusion—creating a welcoming environment where all voices are heard and all are able to make meaningful contributions. Here, our differences aren’t obstacles to be overcome, but assets to be celebrated.

We know that maintaining true diversity requires conscious effort, and at Suffolk this effort takes many forms:

  • Listening to students’ voices to assess and improve their experience
  • Supporting campus cultural affinity groups to foster pride and a sense of belonging
  • Diversifying curricular and co-curricular content to enhance academic insight and value
  • Using outreach and pipeline programs to connect with communities underserved by higher education
  • Creating inclusive hiring and retention practices to build a community that reflects the world
  • Enhancing professional development to deepen cultural sensitivity in faculty and staff

And we are mindful that active diversity is a continuous process, less a goal to be reached than a way of living and learning. That’s why it is one of the five major pillars of our strategic plan, Suffolk 2025.

When the broadest possible range of people contribute their voices, abilities, and ideas, the entire community thrives.

Take a look at our our Racial Equity & Justice Annual Report [PDF] to see the progress we made in the last year.

"I invite you to join our efforts and activities related to creating an inclusive community. Lend your voice and strengths to forming an atmosphere that is enriched by our differences and elevated by our responsible actions."
Joyya Smith VP of Diversity, Access, and Inclusion