Suffolk University was and continues to be at the forefront in embracing a diverse student population. Here, students of color, women, and LGBTQ+ students find a home. Celebrating diversity has always been at Suffolk's core, making us the rich institution we are today.

An Institutional Initiative

Here you'll find institutional resources that help increase representation of all people within our campus community. Not only do we embrace diversity, we also celebrate our differences by opening avenues for authentic engagement and connection among our community members. Diversity and inclusion have been core tenets of our institutional mission since Suffolk’s founding, and will continue to be as we ensure our students are equipped to be global citizens, innovators, and experts in their fields.

Our initiatives and programs are built by our Diversity Task Force. Their recommendations are implemented to weave best practices of diversity and inclusion into our institutional fabric in a sustainable fashion. Initiatives include:

  • Embedding best practices in hiring and recruitment of faculty and staff
  • Creating a doctoral fellowship program
  • Training faculty and staff
  • Organizing employee resource groups
  • Holding community events

Throughout this section of the site you will see our efforts to accomplish these tasks as we further the cause of incorporating excellence through inclusion. The overarching theme in these efforts is to make our institution a collaborative and inclusive one. 

I invite you to join our efforts and activities related to creating an inclusive community. Lend your voice and strengths to forming an atmosphere that is enriched by our differences and elevated by our responsible actions.
Joyya Smith VP of Diversity, Access, and Inclusion