Confidentiality / Consultation

If you are the victim of a bias incident or hate crime—or if you've witnessed one—we encourage you to talk about it. Targeted students, groups, individuals, or witnesses reporting an incident may self-identify or remain anonymous. Anonymous reporting, however, may affect the University’s ability to respond or pursue appropriate action against the alleged perpetrators.

Information about an incident may be disclosed (e.g. nature of the incident, location of incident, etc.) in the form of safety announcements, summary report updates, reports for disciplinary action, or as required by law.

Suffolk University understands that a student or group of students targeted in a bias incident may wish to have a confidential discussion about it. Students may speak confidentially with professional counselors in the Counseling Center or with the University chaplain for emotional support, and may also choose to report a bias incident or hate crime according to the procedures noted below. Confidentiality may not be assured when there is imminent risk of harm to the targeted student, group of students, or others.

Counseling Center
5th Floor, 73 Tremont Street

Amy Fisher, University Chaplain
Sawyer Building, Room 823
8 Ashburton Place

Because these services are, in most cases, confidential, a discussion with any of the above resources will likely not result in a complaint being filed with the University or result in action being taken by the University in response. A student who wants emotional support only should contact the confidential counseling resources listed above. A student wishing to have an incident investigated, mediated, or adjudicated must make a complaint in accordance with the procedures described below.

The University seeks to respect and follow the wishes of a student or group of students who bring forward a bias incident concern. Students should understand, however, that Suffolk may have ethical and legal obligations to investigate, attempt to resolve, or adjudicate bias incidents that come to its attention and also may have obligations to report the matter to the local police department. Therefore, depending on the circumstances, it may not be possible for a conversation with Suffolk University Police, a resident assistant, or other administrators to be kept in confidence, or, said another way, for these individuals to simply listen without taking action.

Staff members in the following departments are available to discuss bias incidents and hate crimes with students and provide support and information about University policies and services. Any reports of bias incidents and hate crimes (not the name of the targeted student or group) must be reported to the dean of students.

Consulting with a staff member below is not considered submitting a complaint to the University. Learn more about reporting a bias incident or hate crime.

  • Counseling Center, 73 Tremont Street, 5th Floor, 617-573-8226
  • Center for International Programs and Services, 73 Tremont Street, 9th floor, 617-573-8154
  • Disability Services, 73 Tremont Street, 9th Floor, 617-994-6820
  • Center for Student Diversity & Inclusion, Sawyer Building, Room 828, 617-573-8613
  • Interfaith Center, Sawyer Building, Room 823, 617-573-8325
  • Residence Life and Summer Programs, 73 Tremont Street, 7th Floor, 617-305-2500
  • Student Affairs, 73 Tremont Street, 12th Floor, 617-573-8239
  • Suffolk University Police Department (SUPD), Ridgeway Building, 617-573-8111 (24-hour service, 7 days a week)