Center for Continuing & Professional Education

The Center for Continuing & Professional Education (CCPE) at Suffolk University has been established to cultivate the personal and professional growth of workers at all stages of their careers, and to serve the evolving needs of employers through corporate partnerships and customized education.

Workforce education is an ongoing process that is vital in today’s fast-moving economy. With seismic changes happening across whole business sectors due to technological innovation, globalization, the COVID-19 pandemic, and evolving public policy, individuals and organizations alike increasingly need to pivot on short notice to stay competitive. The need for timely reskilling and upskilling has never been greater.

That’s why we’re here: to keep a broad range of workers on the cutting edge of their professions with the skills and knowledge that changing careers demand.

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Becoming A Culture Change Agent: Harnessing the Power of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

This certificate will provide you with engaging materials to assist with exploration and personal assessment leading to opportunities to explore concepts such as unconscious bias, cultural intelligence, humility, privilege, power, and more. Ultimately, you will create a personal action plan to support your incorporation of DEI knowledge and concepts into your workplace.
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Design Thinking: Applying Discovery and Innovation in Practice

This course will guide you to think and act differently to best identify unique business opportunities and provide highly valuable solutions to the challenges faced by your customers. Conceptual and practical concepts will be combined with experiential learning opportunities to build creative problem-solving skills.
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Ethical Principles, Critical Thinking and Writing for Today’s Business

In this course, you will develop the skills necessary to reason through business situations that are not covered in an industry or organizational code of ethics and communicate your views to stakeholders. Learn to think critically and ethically through real-life business situations and write persuasive cases supporting your positions.
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Marketing Strategy: A Customer-Centric View

In the global marketplace, companies face intensifying competition, eroding loyalty, and shifting consumer needs. Applying a strategic approach to the marketing plan is more important than ever before. This course is designed to introduce you to the essential components of a customer-centric marketing strategy and how to apply the core concepts to both large and small marketing strategy plans. 
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Legal Innovation & Technology – 6 Course Certificate

This certificate gives you a newfound business perspective and the technological know-how to make your work more efficient, client-focused, and profitable. The business and technological proficiency is combined with an emphasis on environmental, social, and governance initiatives that will help you usher your work into a new, socially conscious age of legal practice. Whether you’re a lawyer, paralegal, partner, or administrative employee, this certificate will help make you an invaluable asset to any legal department.
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