Center for Continuing & Professional Education

The Center for Continuing & Professional Education (CCPE) at Suffolk University has been established to cultivate the personal and professional growth of workers at all stages of their careers, and to serve the evolving needs of employers through corporate partnerships and customized education.

Workforce education is an ongoing process that is vital in today’s fast-moving economy. With seismic changes happening across whole business sectors due to technological innovation, globalization, the COVID-19 pandemic, and evolving public policy, individuals and organizations alike increasingly need to pivot on short notice to stay competitive. The need for timely reskilling and upskilling has never been greater.

That’s why we’re here: to keep a broad range of workers on the cutting edge of their professions with the skills and knowledge that changing careers demand.

About Us

The Center for Continuing & Professional Education is committed to engaging individuals at all stages of their careers with educational experiences that support continued personal and professional growth. In addition, we support the evolving needs and demands of the workforce locally, domestically, and internationally through corporate partnerships, executive education, and innovative customer programming.

Our programs and services draw on the skills, resources, and expertise of Suffolk University. For more than a century, Suffolk has been opening new avenues of opportunity and success for learners from all walks of life. Over that time, it has also grown into an indispensable part of Boston’s cultural, economic, and civic landscape, forming longstanding partnerships with organizations across the city. Suffolk is known for distinctively hands-on curricula based in real-world contexts and scenarios. In short, it’s an ideal place to enhance professional development.

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Whether you’re keeping current in your line of work, advancing your job responsibilities, working toward a new professional certification, or preparing for a career change, we offer a variety of non-credit professional development programs designed to quickly build your skills in areas that are the most relevant to your goals.

Custom Corporate Services

We work closely with organizations, learning their unique businesses and goals, to provide customized training programs for their employees, either on site or at our downtown Boston campus. Discover the ways we can help your organization.

Partner Scholarship Program

Through this program, Suffolk offers employees and members of partner organizations reduced tuition in any of our graduate programs. Learn more about the Partner Scholarship Program.

Why Continue Your Education?

According to the U.S. Department of Education, a majority of surveyed adults reported that they found continuing education credentials useful for:

  • Getting a job: 82%
  • Keeping a job: 80%
  • Staying marketable to employers/clients: 81%
  • Improving work skills: 66%

Source: National Center for Education Statistics, Institute of Education Sciences, U.S. Department of Education

These trends are reflected globally as well. According to the Organization for Economic Co-operation & Development:

  • 70% of surveyed adults participated in continuing education for work-related reasons
  • 80% of surveyed adults reported that their continuing education experience was very or moderately useful in their jobs or business

Source: OECD (2019), Survey of Adult Skills (PIAAC)

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